Ninjago Mobs Texture Pack
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Ninjago Mobs Texture Pack!!!


This is a texture pack which changes all the mobs to the theme of Lego Ninjago.

I have spent a long time on this texture pack and i hope you like it.

I hope you enjoyed viewing my texture pack and will download it. :D

Please comment if you like.


More Details on my youtube channel: DarkLord385MC

Watch this video:

Note: Lego designed the characters Not Me. I just invented minecraft versions of them. Thank You.



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hi Im KAI

hey im kai from ninjago i waz just lookin round for a decent ninjago mod and jay thought he could find one so i let him try to find one and then instead of a mod he found this so i checked it out and dude, pretty awesome texture pack if u wanna find me on minecraft my username is dragon77867 so if u see meh just say hey k oh btw im on facebook too @ KAI Garmadon.

also a server i like is lich craft ip: try it :D

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I really never knew that Lego

I really never knew that Lego Ninjago Texture Pack would come.

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That video is set to private.

That video is set to private. Can't watch it...