North&South-Minecraft PVP all based on a medieval cast system/political conflict!
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Realm Worlds coming soon! Minecraft PVP all based on a medeviel cast sylstem/political conflict!

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Wow, the words it takes to describe this plugin. Lets start here. Realm Worlds or you could say north and south. It is all based off of a European cast system with most if not all ranks during the medieval times. Such as Peasants all the way to King and Emperors. They all have different permissions and abilities and of course they get better and more EPIC as you get to the higher ranks. You must pay coins or in game money in order to rank up just like it was back then. Someone that is of higher status can promote you for half the cost compared if you were to do it your self. The different classes and idea of ranking up and being bigger and better tends to cause drama/excitement that involves all players within the game to play more what Realm Worlds is really about. To the point that it is politically set up and people are conflicting with each other causing more PVP and chaos in the good way in which increases the game experience. You start off as a traveler and you can’t do anything, but you are as a traveler given an option to join the Northern Realm or Southern Realm. This will force most people to join a village sense as a traveler you can join it instantly. You don’t need an invite to join a village, but when you do join it. You can't do much to cause trouble like kill your fellow villagers or grief. The Earl would have to promote you to serf. This then would get people more involved in the idea of the game to rank up and conquer the world one step at a time. 

The idea is that you pick to belong to the northern or southern hemisphere. You would not be able to cross this boundary or equator until ‘reaping day’(Reaping day is explained later on down below). Once you pick a realm such as north or south then it will spawn you in front of a random village. In one of the 5 regions in the realm you picked. A region contains one king and his castle/town. In that king's region there are villages scattered in it. You can not even make your self armor until you join a village. Once you join, you will be a villager, yet you can not build on/in the village you belong to. The Earl can promote you to serf which will allow you to build in the village(it’s a templet) and buy a plot in it. The village then has an option to pay a tax. For example it would be like “12 stacks of wheat, 100 gold ingots, 50 wool”(This is a medium tax). A king can tax up to low, medium, high tax. Once a king sets this then his whole region is taxed this amount. This could be tons of villages of different groups and ideas/opinions etc… So there suppose to contradict each other and cause political conflict. Villagers don’t like paying their tax so they complain. Word gets out and other kings of the other regions take action. Then revolts and war breaks outs and MORE PVP and exciting chaos emits for more intensity of the game(plugin). The villagers can choose to /pay if they have the items in their inventory. This then is an accomplished goal for the king and drops a medium amount of money into his treasury. Thus making a fat happy king. Earls(village owners) can refuse to pay their taxes, but this then leaves a mechanical option to pillage his village(s) in his region. The king can pillage his villages when ever he pleases, but it will announce it in global chat and everyone will know he is doing an unjust deed. The earl then would relize it was a bad idea. Kings and knights can craft better armor than Earls and his villagers. Making it more difficult for them to fight back. A Earl would try to unit other villages to over throw a king or fight back. It can not usually be done by one Earl and his men alone. This makes interaction occur between villages. This then would lead to more political conflict with fighting of not only the Kings villagers but possibly other kings who see him as weak and wish to plunder him. 

Oh, on top of this there is an emperor for each of the realms. There is one in the southern realm and one in the northern realm. An emperor owns the citadel/palace. The emperor and his royal guards also have their own region only for a small amount of villages and his palace. The emperor and the royal guards are the only ones on the server that can make diamond armor. While kings and knights are left with iron, and Earls and villagers can only use up to chain mail. Emperors take a tax and can set it from low-high just like the kings, but the emperor's tax is in coin/in game money. Kings can refuse this tax, but then everyone would know he refused the tax. The king then would have to fight a group with higher tier armor. This creates the juicy conflict that we all like with our drama. That king could be a spark to have a suppressing emperor overthrown. That means not only would the Kings of the other regions get involved but the villagers in them as well. Making a siege on the emperor's palace massive and surly one of the most exciting PVP events ever. Once a control block is broken in the emperor's palace. The king of the region of who ever broke the block gets the title of emperor. So a villager could break the block, but his king would get the title of emperor. The old emperor then would switch places with the ex-king. The ex-emperor would probably be taken out by the villagers of the region because of the new power and the opportunity. An emperor can be sieged once a week on Friday for 2 hours. Reaping day is always on Saturday for 3 hours straight. Northerners can not attack each other. Southerners can not attack each other. In other terms friendly fire is off. So enemy kings, rival villages, and people who hate the emperor and his men are banded together by the mechanics of the game. Both realms are then encouraged to go into their opposite realms and pillage everything. Basically declaring war on each other for 3 hours. Pillaging would be on time 3(3x). So when you break the control blocks in the front of a village, castle, or palace you get instant money but during ‘Reaping time’ it is 3x. Everyone will rush and prepare and maybe even team up. Groups that usually may not happen may band together just to gain massive amount of money. To only fuel their wars later to kill each other and take each others land. In other words it’s(plugin) is built to cause total chaos for power, wealth, and status while all making the gaming a continuing conflict of PVP and rivalry. 

That is Realm Worlds. Comment, please.

P.S. - Take a look at the server we are developing it on:

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It's almost like you're trying to advertise a different server but seem to be failing at putting it in the correct forum.

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