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About Us:

Minecraft hosting for the best price with the greatest performance and reliability
We are dedicated to providing the fastest servers and quickest support for you so that your server is always online.
With over two years of experience in hosting minecraft servers, you can trust us to ensure that your server runs well. We provide daily backups on all servers to ensure that you never lose all of your data. If you want to test our servers, contact us for a free trial today!

Our Network:

All of our servers are connected to a fibre rich network each with a 1Gbps connected to a Cisco ASA firewall and an additional layer of Anti-DDoS mitigation.


  • Stone - 1024MB - 12* - $3.00
  • Coal - 2048MB - 24* - $6.00
  • Iron - 3072MB - 36* - $9.00
  • Lapiz Lazuli - 4096MB - 48* - $12.00
  • Gold - 5120MB - 60* - $15.00
  • Redstone - 6144MB - 72* - $18.00
  • Diamond - 7168MB - 84* - $21.00
  • Emerald - 8192MB - 96* - $24.00

Custom plans avalible.
*Player slots can be changed free of charge.


  • 72 hours 100% money back.
  • Instant setup.
  • North America located servers.
  • Multicraft control panel
  • Full FTP access to your server 24/7.
  • 40+ auto install modpacks.
  • Free MySQL.
  • Free daily backups
  • Free dedicated IP with plans 6GB and higher.
  • DDoS protection

Contact Us:
We have numberous contact methods, open a support ticket on our site site, join a live chat session or add me personallt on Skype and we will work out a personal solution with a one on one basis.
Web: https://www.notchhost.com

Skype: dmsdjing1 (Personal)

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
NotchHost Staff

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pretty good host! have used

pretty good host! have used them my self few times!