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EDIT: Chest's will now have actual Item's and coupon books will be for Animal spawns and other creative items such as repairs. if you come across a chest, feel free to leave something behind. Also, chest will be labeled so you know it is a prize chest and not someones that you are griefing.

Basically, on the SMP map there will be random chests placed by me and Yenwood, and any other staffer that thinks a reward needs to be added.

When at spawn, in the Northeast corner you will see this board.

This board will have a general direction and distance from spawn to that chest. Also on the sign will be a little description to aid in finding the chest.

For example:




According to that sign, that chest is about 450 blocks Southwest of spawn in a lake.

Chests will be placed in hard, but not impossible places to reach, and you will have to search for it a bit.

Other chests will be inside puzzle rooms that you must navigate to reach the chest. (These will be included later: work in progress)

Inside these chest will be coupons to redeem items. Such as:

Spawn books and enchant books (enchant book coupons, not the actual book), and maybe even an enchated pick or shovel. Who knows.

Everytime a chest is found, it will be refilled with a slighty lower quality coupon until we don't refill that chest all and move it to a new location. Also chests in puzzle room, will have the puzzle changed a bit.

All coupons will be in written books, signed by some mod/admin so there will not be any forging.

Coupon code for animals.
Ocelot/Cow/Mooshroom/Dog spawn eggs etc

Large quantities of easy to get items (such as 2 stacks of oak planks for 4 stacks of cobble/dirt)




Noticed that some of the farther out chest people are having a harder time finding. To help with that, the farther out chest signs will now show a coordinate, direction, and distance.

Something like this:

X:3200 Y:250



For those chests, you now need to navigate to that point then to follwo the opther directions on the sign. Hope this helps in finding those farther hard to each signs. And the puzzles and game rooms are being built as we speak and should be running in a few days.

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Edit: Promoted on the front page

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Love the idea.

I love it!  Can't wait 'til to participate.  A coupon for a mooshroom or other animal?  Sweeeet.  :D

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I have hid two Chests

Happy Hunting


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This is fantastic.

There should be no more players complaining about being bored with nothing to do.

Go now, hunt down that chest and get that prize.

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Now I have to wait because I'm going to school. D:

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Hang on...

Why am I commenting? I need to get hunting!

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Lets do this...

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Its so fun :D

I got 3 today, but went back a couple of times and got a total of 5 books :D Tons of fun people

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I'll probably make some too.

I'll probably make some too. Harder ones

This is going to be interesting

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Harder one hey.

I don't know about that niels. The one we already have seem to be a hard one as it is. Often I am seeing a Mod or Admin having to help a player to even, wait for it, look in the right direction! Then there the bit where a player having a hard time trying to get nothing out of an empty chest because it haven't been restocked. You still get something though. When there is something in the chest the prizes are very good. And no, I don't enter the Chest Hunt, that will be unfair to other players.

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Found them all. All looted,

Found them all. All looted, mailed you coords and stuff. Second person to find bay one had to travel for hours. I think a equal reward to Love seems legit.

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i love the challenge but its so hard, i got a couple spawns eggs and a pick... nice!

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"This is very interesting.. but [AWESOME!]"

Another idea to not be bored doing nothing of importance. Very well put together, although I've yet to try it out (need to make a better house for myself first)