Oops, Unknown Username or Password
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Right, earlier i was on minecraft and everything worked fine. Then i realized i was on my old account and not my new one so i logged off and tried to log into my new account but it kept saying "Oops, Unknown Username or Password". So i clicked forgot password changed my password and it said that it was changed and all that but when i tried to sign in with my new password it said "Oops, Unknown Username or Password" again. So this time i checked to see if i was typing in my username wrong by clicking forgot username. I copied and pasted the username over and entered my new password and still nothing? Now when trying to get back onto the account i was on earlier it says the same thing? i don't get it? Because i know for sure i'm not mistyping anything.

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Er...I can only suggest making sure you haven't got caps on, or you are typing in the capitals. If that still doesn't work I'm sure people will come up with better solutions but emailing Mojang would be my best guess.

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are you trying to log into the WoM client, or minecraft.net?

cause they would probably have different causes for the problems and i cant be bothered to type out solution for both :D

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same here i got unknown useername/password and minecraft.net wasnt down when i was on  and when i go to a different Computer it works fine any help

reply asap

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your right

same thing happened to me its saying: ops username/password is invailed