[OP Prison] LightningMcHD | Needs Players & Staff!
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Hello Neoseeker Members! My name is RansuKakuro and today I am going to show you this awesome OP Prison server called LightningMcHD. We desperately need your help to increase the server's popularity. In the server, I am a Moderator and the owner's IGN is HockeyDude2001. Trust me, this OP Prison server will blow your minds because of how much money the players and the server has a rankup reaches quadrillions!

We are also looking for staff members who could really help but we only need the best staff members so if you're interested, you can hop to /warp apply in the server and go the server's main website in order to apply and best of luck! Soon, if the server develops and gets enough donations the server may upgrade into a large network just joining the server can help the server right now. So, join the server and I can't wait to meet you all!

Skype ID's:
[Mod] RansuKakuro : RansuKookies
[Owner] HockeyDude2001 : Jarrett Herrr

Feel free to ask questions about the server!
Server IP: LightningMcHD.mc-srv.com
Server Website: http://www.lightningmchd.tk/