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how maney points do you need for a badge plzz help!!!!!

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With 150 points, you get the title Contributor

With 1000 points, you get the title Contributor+

To get the forum moderator badge, you have to do A LOT of work helping out on the forums(Jak2131, Jonoawesomeguy, Mellcor, Ryanknack, Uplusion, Youbeangels)

Community manager is for the elite, the people who show considerable amounts of dedication to the community(Artful, Deadlypixel69, Lunick, Shnaw)

World of Minecraft admin is just for the owners(moujave,Triddin,H4X,PartyM)

There is no way that I am searching all of the contributors to list their names, there are quite a few.

I am pretty sure that there is no contributor+, because everyone with more than 1000 points has already been promoted.

Contributor and Contributor+ as automatically given titles, Forum moderator and community manager have to be given out by one of the admins.

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Community Manager = Staff

Community Manager = Staff basically. The badges are not automatically assigned when you hit any amount of points.

Everything else Jak said is right and this is now solved.