Port-Forwarding on MineCraft -- McForge (LOCKED)
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So yesterday I created a server, had it all good and everything. Firstly; I'm not the most technologically savvy person. But, I know how to work with the computer.
Anyways, I made a server, had it all ready and I had to port-forward it. I was baffled at this. I had absolutely no clue what to do. I looked on YouTube videos, I looked on eHow to port-forward... 
But none of them matched anything I needed.

So I need help to port-forward, and the sooner the better please,
My router is Cisco - Linksys E1200.
I already downloaded the McForge that has the console etc.
I just need help with port-forwarding.
Please help me, 

Thank you.

And it's McForge. 

And, I have gotten "Try www.portforward.com" it doesn't really help me that much. 

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i have had the EXACT same problem AND I NEED HELP NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

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@ Gondamar Don't be so

@ Gondamar Don't be so demanding and stop shouting.

@ Scabbesr Try watching http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzQ2oXuWJ90 I found it very useful.

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I got some advice

Hey, I had this problem for awhile, I brought the game and i was so eager to make a minecraft server :D

So I heard of Hamachi, and i dont really have any technology knowledge but serisouly, go on youtube and find a video telling you how to make a minecraft server using hamachi, its quick and simple! i managed to make a multiplayer minecraft server ( Although i have no one to play with me on it :P) but everything works fine! REMEMBER: when using your minecraft server you hvae to keep hamachi open!

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Fine, I can help.

1. Open the start menu, and search "cmd" And click "Cmd.exe".
   -B. Find CMD.EXE And run it if you don't have the search option.
2. Type "ipconfig" in the black console window, and press ENTER.
3. After all of the information loads, look for "Default Gateway".
4. There may be 2 or more results for "Default Gateway".
5. Look for the one that resembles the numbers "192.168.x.xxx".
6. Open your web browser, and type "192.168.x.1" as the WEBSITE name, or URL. The "x" is whatever number is in the same area of your default gateway.
7. When the dialog box comes up, Try these Username/Password combo's in order.

Username    |    Password
admin          |     admin
[blank]        |    admin
username     | password
administrator| administrator
[blank]        | [blank]

8. Hopefully one of those worked. Now look for "Port Forwarding" Or "Applications & Gaming"
9. Enter the starting and ending port as the desired port for your server.
10. Input the last three digits of your "Default Gateway" [192.168.x.XXX] as the last text box's numbers.
11. Check "Enabled" in the box.
12. Save Changes, and Log out of the page.
13. Restart your server.

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open up mcforge click porperties see the port click server port utilities then in the first box type 25565 check if the port is open or not if not then go in the second box type in 25565 and click forward

TAH DAH You just forwarded/opened the port 25565 which will let players join your server you can also open any port also if you open 25565 then you can also run any server with that port say you dont wanna run a classic server anymore and you want smp then just run it on that port or if you want to run 2 servers get the port you want and forward it using mcforge you now realize you can use it to portforward for any server/usage you need.


Your Welcome.