Pretty cool olo texture pack
To install texture packs in your WoM Minecraft Client Wrapper easily, please see this topic:
Installing textures easily!
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Download it free without surveys from mediafire:

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Please stop posting other people's texture packs, we have most definitely seen them before.

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Deadly here

Hi. This is actually "Ovo's Rustic" I would know because I'm actually a contributor of the continuation pack for 
"Ovo's" Rustic. Regardless though, yes, we've seen alot of these texturepacks, and the "texturepack" forums area is mostly for people who want to advertise their own texturepacks. We understand people wanting to advertise their favorite packs or things like that, but we would appreciate it if you simply try your best to refrain from advertising other packs as 80% have already been posted many times. Thank you :)

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Yeah yeah Jak is right we

Yeah yeah Jak is right we seen them before...