Problem with starting a server.
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Hey guys! I just thought i would start a quick server that me and my son could play on at home.

So i downloaded "minecraft_server.1.8.7" from
But when i try to start it, it just flashes and closes again.

What is the problem? Please help me.


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Why download?

If both you and you're son are using the same network, you could open the world to LAN.

But if you want to keep it running 24/7, you will have to set up some server properties. If you haven't already I would suggest finding a video on how to set a server up.

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Try This

You have to open the eula.txt, then change the "eula=false" To "eula=true" Then save and exit. After that try again.
Also make sure all the files are in one folder/

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The best thing to do is to just use your minecraft game itself as the server, just go into your world and press esc and click on Open to LAN. Now you will see your port to use so write that down and then go to your Command Prompt (Windows) or Termeral(Mac/Linux) and type IPconfig(windows) IFConfig(Mac/Linux) and get your internal IP Address from your network, it should be something like 192.168.x.x or 10.1.x.x and then you will go to your son's computer and go to multiplayer and go to direct connect and type out your ip address and the port that you got on your minecraft client such as 192.168.x.x:xxxx and then press connect and there you go, you now have a world to play with your son.
From one dad to another.