PSA: SMP issues 4/20 (Resolved)
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EDIT: The server is back up and running, staff will assist you in moving servers if needed. Thanks again for your patience.

Hi all,

As of right now when I'm typing this, the SMP server is down and nobody can join it. Normally this wouldn't cause much of a problem (other than people being sad because they can't play on SMP) but it's also booted some members to the currently-inescapable Lobby. I'd request that any users who are stuck on Lobby wait until the SMP server is back online and ask a staff member to move them back to SMP.

Thanks for your patience, hopefully the issue is resolved soon.

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Yeah it kicked me there yesterday...

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Server is back up and working, but still sometimes putting people in Lobby.

There is now a portal in Lobby to take you back to SMP. Please contact a staff member if you are having trouble locating the portal, or it isn't working. If you are having trouble locating the portal, it's that big purple portal right behind you.