Read this BEFORE you start posting that realms is down (LOCKED)
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Due to a HUGE amount of new people trying to join the server today, it appears that the login servers have gone down.

This means that no-one will be able to join the servers until the issue is resolved, so please do not repeatedly attempt to join as this could slow down the recovery of the login servers.

The staff are doing all they can to bring the server back up so please leave it for a while and come back later.

Go watch a film or read a book, or do that homework that you know you should be doing :D

~~Staff Edit~~
This does not relate to current server problems.

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lol books what are those

lol books what are those

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I don't understand.

What is this phrase... "World of Minecraft Login Servers Have Gone Down"? I've never heard something like that.

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It was back up...

And now its down again! I had a hug party! Wee! :P

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Whats 'Homework'

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Look at the dictionary

Look at the dictionary 

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And just when I thought,

And just when I thought, "Hey, I haven't been on World of Minecraft for a long, long time, why don't I go today?"

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:| Sorry.

:| Sorry.

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Oh well

Looks like most peoples lives are over lol

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Thats why i cant get it try to get it fixed quickly