Regarding Anticheat on PvP
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Update: During the course of the week, we've been trialing new ideas.  Anticheat was one of them, we have been receiving multiple complaints about it, most of which is regarding the sensitivity.  As you may or may not be aware, a common check has been a bit too sensitive (fast break/speedmine).  We can easily fix that issue but a common issue is to do with server lag, causing fly checks to go crazy and banning users when the server + plugin get updated on your new position causing AntiCheat to think you're either flying/using a speed hack.  We will try to fix any issues ASAP or come to a different solution.  Thanks for your understanding.

Tips:  For now, try to be careful as to regarding; jumping like crazy, climbing too fast, and just take it easy.  If there are any issues, feel free to contact a staff member on IRC for a quick ban removal regarding the fly check due to lag.

Banned Players: You have been unbanned if it was due to anticheat derp.