The Sandbox - Feel free to join us :D
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The Sandbox

The Sandbox - Spawn

Welcome to The Sandbox, where our sandbox is your sandbox too! On The Sandbox, you can expect to find a survival experience with a fun twist. You can come and explore a world rich in ore and mystery, submerse yourself in our friendly and helpful community, and find unique treasures hidden inside of unorthodox builds. The fun doesn't just stop there, however. You can also complete and unlock challenging ranks, vote for cool rewards, and compete in monthly contests for a chance at one of the splendid prizes up for grabs. So come on, join us, and see for yourself what makes The Sandbox a server the staff are proud to call home!

Over 20 Ranks!
• Ranks awarded for voting, completing challenges, winning monthly contests, and even for simply being lucky!
• Easy to change which rank you want to show off with the nifty DeluxeTags menu!

Monthly Contests!
New contests each month from a wide range of themes! •
Fun and unique prizes to be had such as ranks, custom items, kits, and so much more! •

Protective Plugins!
• GriefPrevention and CoreProtect to give players peace of mind.
• Trust your friends to build a masterpiece together or subdivide your claim and build a massive city!
• Rollback and block inspection to catch the rule breakers and undo the damage!

Active Staff!
Admins, moderators, and builders on throughout the day to answer questions or concerns! •
Staff members that care and enjoy taking part in the survival experience right alongside you! •

Friendly Community!
• Small, welcoming community that is always looking for more players!
• Players that are willing to help whenever you may need it!
• A place to build lasting friendships, no matter where in the world you may be!

So what are you waiting for?
Join The Sandbox and experience what our sandbox has to offer you!

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The Sandbox
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