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We have 1 more slot for anyone hwo wants to join. You have to be a good builder to atleast join we are only accepting artist+. IF you think your good enough, ask mr_icer2 sk1l4funz or Cvonu, and we will come to you ASAP. The slot may not be open for very long you may also contact/message one of the members above. If no one replys in atleast 8 hours then go on World of Minecraft: Realms/server and normally there will be a seals member on. Seals members are easy to spot they normally have sealz or seals on there /tag. If you have questions for other stuff please don't ask us we will only request Clan questions... And i see <WM> seems to be watching a close eye on the clan list. If you are in another clan be sure to work extra hard because he may make weekly posts on Clan list. 



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i would but i left, because

i would but i left, because me and sk1l had a fight, but were over it now

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Even though this is really

Even though this is really old and I have moved on from SEALS...

What is this about?
I was never told about any of this..