Server hosting, failed to bind port, but I used to run a cracked server.
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Originally I pirated Minecraft. But I've realized that Notch is a fair company and this isn't the kind of game that should be pirated.

On to my problem. I used to run a pretty smooth server and I had minimal difficulty when setting it up. I used tunngle, which works like himachi and gives me a virtual IP, to help with my server. Now I'm trying to set up my server with my own IP to make it easier for my friends to connect.
Whenever I go through the process I get the "failed to bind port" error. I havnt port forwarded but would I need to even if I successfully ran a cracked server before?
Thank you to anyone who can help!

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Of course

You will always need to port forward, unless using Tunngle or Hamachi.

If you don't know how to port forward, Either youtube or google it.
Here's a couple brief steps on how to Port Forward:
1) Click start, then Click "run"
2) Type in CMD
3) Type in ipconfig, then click enter
4) Remember your Default Gateway.
5) Open a browser, Put in your Default Gateway, the Login.
6) Go to the port-forward section of your router, and select new.
Make sure the "Server IP Address" matches the "IP address" that you got from your CMD (when you typed ipconfig, should be near the top).
Thats about it.
ALSO:  If you plan on running your Server often, or 24/7 I'de suggest making your IP static.  So you dont have to edit the forward port every time you start up your server, (cause your IP will change).
1) Open network Connections
2) Right click the Wireless adapter
3) Go to properties
4) Select the "Internet protocol" in the Scroll box, Then click Properties.
5) Set your IP to something like..
6) Get your DNS from your Router, (when you went to its properties on the internet earlier, should be in the info page)  OR use Open DNS, or Google's DNS.  (google those).
7) Hit "ok"
8) Hit "ok"
9) Wait....
10) Done.
Hope this all helped!

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When I type the Default Gateway into my browser, I get prompted for a username and a password. I asked my dad what it is and he said he never changed anything. So I looked up the default Username/Password and got a password, I also found a sheet with a Password but no username written down. Is there a way to find the Username and Password?

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It's usually:Username:

It's usually:

Username: admin

Password: admin



PS: NVM i just realised that the person who written hasn't been on for 2 years.... X_X

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Try looking at the date on forum posts before answering them, Thanks though!