Servers up but no one can connect but me
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I have my server up and I can access it but when I give the Ip out my friends can't connect, I have everything set up and have port forwarded what should I do? 

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You didn't port forward

You didn't port forward properly.

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I had mine working for about

I had mine working for about a week or two, with people all over the world connecting and playing with no problems. I use MCSharp, and as of yesterday no one can connect anymore. I tried running all different server applications and now noe will work. The port is still forwarded, and nothing there has changed. IDK WTF is wrong with it. Sry... had to vent my similar-ish problem

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Same Problem

I'm having the same problem and still haven't found a solution despite searching different forums. I started my MCSharp server over the weekend and it worked perfectly; now, no one can connect but myself, and only if I connect using the server computer (I can't even connect using another computer on my own network). I have all necessary ports forwarded (left unchanged from when everything DID work), so I don't know what could be causing the problem. Now I can't seem to run any server software--whether official or custom-made--because the server always appears to be down even though I know it isn't.

All of this apparently happened yesterday at around the same time fList went down, though I don't know if that really has any bearing on the issue. At least I know I'm not alone anymore... thought I was going crazy for a while.
Anyone have a solution for this? I'd really like to get my server back up and running again. Thanks in advance for any help.

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me too

Similar problem, but NO-ONE can connect for me, not even myself.



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ya same thing here.. i can

ya same thing here.. i can connect but noone else can.. anybody have an idea what may have happend to the servers?

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only i can join my srver and ive tried everything

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LAN Can't Connect

I as well use the MCSharp server, ppl online can connect to me just fine, however ppl over LAN cannot connect at all, the WoM and browser version both come back with the server might be down message when I'm looking at the server running and got the laptop that I can't get to connect next to me... I have tried both the external links and the IP link method from the normal MC server. I get zip connection on the laptop no matter what I do.


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So has there been any

So has there been any solutions found to this?
I'm having the same problem, and no one seems to be able to offer any answers

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I to am having the same

I to am having the same problem......

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I got that same problem

Im using mclawl.
I will explain what i did and such.
I downloaded it via a video on youtube.
I did evrything the same downloaded mySQL made a password and stuff.
After the video i finaly got it working with port forwarding.
Virtual Server (maybe you gotta do this to).
But somehow its wrong
Im SURE my port is open.
I might have done the Virtual server done but someone has to explain that to me.
I asked 3 diff people to checkout my server.
1 said I see it but I didnt try to connect.
someone else said Its there but i cant connect
the other one said he was to lazy.
So my problem is nobody can connect but it is there.

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Ports incorrect. Try again.
Too many answers - Time for a lock!

If this is World of Minecraft...
        ...I must be Username Taken!

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solution to servers going down after a week

Try Setting up a Static ip your ip address prob changed because it is most likely dynamic.