Staying on Topic in the Support Forum and how to CORRECTLY post help questions.
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It is extremely important to remain on topic in this forum!  Users are requesting help, and not your unneeded garbage (Note: I'm not saying your contributions in trying to support the person is wrong, just the silly stuff).  The main goal of the Support Forum is to provide support for users asking these questions and anyone else who may so in the future ask the same thing.  It also helps keep the forum organized and clean, not cluttered and messy filled with unneeded garbage that may belong in the off-topic forum.  All we ask is for your respect/cooperation so that we can provide better answers/solutions for our members. Key Question : If you can't/try to offer any help, why bother posting in their thread at all?
Thanks for understanding!

WoM Support Correctly Explained

Hello everyone. I have a
message to those who ask for support or assistance on a problem
regarding the World of Minecraft Client. I've noticed quite a few posts lately about
the World of Minecraft Client bugs and errors, but its actually getting really
irritating when people don't post the proper information. Yes, telling
us when, or what has seemed to cause the problem helps, but that doesn't
do much if you want it fixed. So to those who need help, please, First
debug the application [WoM Client] and paste the [DEBUG] information. And instead of pasting the raw data, please use a service such as [Paste Bin] to post a link to your error. Here is an example of what I'm hoping your post will look like.

my name is XXXXX, and I have had an error occuring at start-up for some
time. The error happens whenever I click "Login.". I'm running an
eMachine ELW500 with a 1.6 GHz CPU, 2.0GB RAM, and Windows Vista Service
Pack 2. [CPU and RAM isn't needed, but would help.] [How to find CPU and RAM Speed. Windows] Here's my debugging information.