Supposed "Free" Minecraft downloads are BAD
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I have seen countless posts about "Download Minecraft FREE!!!" and I want to take some time and say why it's wrong.

1. Illegal - Downloading Minecraft for free from ANYONE is illegal and can get you fined/charges held against you. If you bought Minecraft, you can see that when you login, there is a Mojang AB notification that says "Mojang AB Copyright, do not distribute."

2. Will be fixed - A post on twitter states that Notch will stop websites that do this soon.

3. Hacking - aTo get the free Minecraft, you download it but with a hacked .jar file. This is also illegal do make, give away, or even worse, sell.

4. Virus - You will also get an unwanted virus with the file that may send your username and password and e-mail to the maker and they can put it on the web for everyone to see.

In conlusion, never EVER download a supposed "Free" version of Minecraft. Thank you for your time and enjoy Minecraft the way it was intended, by buying the game.


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Thanks computerguy

I totally agree, thanks for making this post :)

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Should also be noted:

everytime a post is made about free minecraft I personally ban those links from being used again on the site.

If you find posts advertising free minecraft or just want to submit domains which perform this activity please PM me for inclusion on the ban list.