Survival Needs Greifers To Not Suck
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Being a pro-greifers sounds weird but think about it. A two high wall protects you from nearly all threats. I think if whoever is making Minecraft is clever they should say that it is done on purpose. I reckon there will be 3 groups of people when it comes out onto multi-player. Independents, Rebels (Greifers) and Imperials. 

Small groups of 1-10 people who build up a base alone and then others build a base nearby and they ally up to strengthen their position. They will be very simplistic and will have few defences against Rebels. They may go to trade with other independent bases or Imperial "Cities" however will rarely actively hunt rebels. They may also move around so they are not in danger of being found by rebels
Groups can be any sized. They will generally have hidden bases most likely underground. They will craft many destructive things so they can raid Independents. However after some time ,like the Independents, they may grow to imperial size and then they will be a very dangerous force. Imperials will be trying to destroy them. This means that to the Rebels, Imperials will be the Greifers. Also rebels might not destroy Independent camps. They might leave them alive and offer them protection to make them gain an Imperials trust so they can sneak things inside ,such as TNT, when pretending to trade.
Groups can be any sized. They will generally have large bases to act as a beacon to other players. They will build strength much faster than rebels because of this fact. However because of their large base they will rarely move. This mean they will have to rely on trade from Independents to continue providing them with resources. They will actively hunt Rebels partly because they are an annoyances. But also because their dug out bases can act as useful mines. Without the hassle of having to dig them them selves. In times of need of if they just think its easier imperials will just attack Independents just because it's easier than having to give them something for what they need.
Various Jobs
They will be useful to everyone as they will ferry reseources around. While they won't earn anything from this they will eventually be able to afford extremely expensive weapons. Also if they are living in a large settlement this might be their way of paying their rent. May also have armed support.
Rebels who's job it is to intercept Traders. This can be difficult as traders with anything worth taking will probably have they own group of Guards. A group of bandits may also pretend to be Guards so that people hire them short term. Then while they are in the middle of nowhere they will mug them. Or they will wait till they head to a independent trade hub and raid the whole place.
They will gain Intel on bases so they know where weak points are. They might just act like traditional Greifers too simply by breaking the walls downs from the inside before an invasion. They called also invade Independents settlements and try to convince them to move to a Rebel base or an Imperial city. 
Will leave the safety of Bases or cities to mine for resources without the premium of the Traders. If they find particularly rich areas they may set up a sister base or city. In which they will become the ruler presumably. Which also brings to light another point....Wars(see bottom(Lol))
Explains itself
Explains itself
 Imperial wars: 
They will happen simply because people are bored and find them fun or the same reason that Imperials will attack Independents. However it could also be so they are the most powerful Imperials on they sever. However this mean that all the Rebels will focus on them.
Rebels Wars: 
The same reason Rebels attack anyone else. For new recruits and more weapons to kill people with. Especially as Rebels bases have seasoned rebels. The wars may just be a show of power to decided which rebels king get to rule the joined forces. Rebels wars will be much lower key to the untrained eye as they will have many small battles under the ground where people break through and start a small skirmish at the point of entry. Above ground fights will be rare as rebels will probably patch up hole into their base if they see anyone coming. 
Independent Wars:
Small skirmish for Mayors of towns to gain more people or resources. Weapons will generally be sticks, hands or bows. Very little strategy will go into it.
That is why Survival Multi-player will kick-ass even with "Greifers"

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I must agree, survival

I must agree, survival multiplayer would be absolutely awesome with or without griefers. I'll probably end up being someone who lives in a cave, and offers shelter to anyone that comes by :P

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I will be KING!¡!¡ lol

It will be awsome! Can't wait.

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Guys, lets not forget we

Guys, lets not forget we still have a month or two until beta is released.  And maybe even LONGER for MP survival.

Great thought though.

Why is it that when I stab someone, they always die? ;_;


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Well he starts work tomorrow,

Well he starts work tomorrow, and wants to get survival mp out asap once he's back to speed and has a grip on what he's doing again, so it shouldn't be too long before we see mp survival.  Still, I think "griefer" sounds like a type of enemy, and it fits the description.  Notch says that eventually he will add traps, etc.  these can be used to stop griefers, just think of them as a slightly more annoying creeper that you need to kill!

MP will be SO much fun!

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Very cool. I had these

Very cool.

I had these theories myself that were similar to this, but I didn't spend time to post/plan because I'm still quite new to this game haha.

But yes this will be incredible if it ever happens.

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Nice idea!

Maybe post this in if you haven't already.

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Or mabey that monster can

Or mabey that monster can slowely destroy blocks to get to you?