Trying to access my old Minecraft accound - Issues
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So I bought Minecraft back I think in 2012, I use to play it religiously until I started getting busy with working and such so eventually Minecraft because a thing of the past for me. However recently I wanted to start playing again.

I went to Minecraft's website to login, no luck. Tried to do the "Forgot my password" and said my account had been migrated to Mojang. Okay... Odd but alright. I go to Mojang enter my email I used in the past and my old password which I remember till this day because I still use the same password...

Hit login.... Invalid. Try to do "Forgot my password" on Mojang and I get no email from them on the email I had originally had on that account. Immediately figured my account had been hacked...

So! Here I am trying to figure out how to get it back because Mojang requests for a transaction ID which is going to be impossible to get because I bought my account several years ago nor do I even have the same debit card I used anymore... Some of you guys might say "Just buy another account it's only $20." That's besides the point, I want what I paid for back and as everyone knows Mojang takes eternity to respond and when they do their responses are not helpful by any means.. If anyone can provide and advice, assistance, ANYTHING would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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We're only going to be able to provide advice.

Best bet is to look through bank history for it.
Even if you no longer have the same card, if you're with the same bank it should still show up on an old statement.

You could also do a name history lookup on it since if it's been taken over It's likely that whoever took it has changed the name. Probably not going to help without the bank statement but at least if there has been a name change you get confirmation that someone has been active on the account and you haven't just forgotten details.

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You could...

Contact Microsoft and tell them, since they now own Mojang. They may be able to track back your account activity and see. You may be able to recover your account from there. But other than that, I think your other option would be to buy a new account. Nothing more anyone can do.