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I'm hosting a UHC game this Friday (2/28/14) at 6:00
-You are allowed to log on the server 5 mins before the game starts
-there will be teams of 2
-If you don't have someone to team with we can find you a player, no problem
-the ip:
-don't try to log on before the game starts there is a whitelist
-must tell me the following info in the comments of this post :
- Skype name
- minecraft name of yourself and your teammate
- Age(no noobs)

Join quickly there is limited space!!!!!

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You didn't say what 6:00

This Community is played all over the world your 6:00 could be anytime all over the World Now ifs it me 6:00 PM CST for the Central part of the USA. You might want to fix your post on the time. Thank You.

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