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Hi, I am Zdenek and with my friend David we made a Wordpress theme for Minecraft. It has many great features that we are proud of. 

That´s how it looks like ...


Most fun we had creating the skins so you can change the "material" of website (Now we have Dirt and Nether, any sugestions for next? ). We just want it to be perfect and easy to use website for Minecraft servers, so we added Online statusslider and made it mobile friendly

Check website for full presentation http://magicraft.creepy.cz/

Tell us what you think :)

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i keep reading everywere that this theme is free when when i go to the site it askes me to buy it? is it free? looking to put it on www.canicraft.net

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thx for share, it's beautiful

thx for share, it's beautiful themm ;)

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