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So my dad was mining one night and he he went to a hole witch had coal in it when he fist spawn in the world (he created the world in 1.8.1 beta) And then he saw diamond but that's not all it was at level 64 .

then he got three sixty four stacks and a twenty four stack of diamonds.

how is this possible could it be herobrine a glich a world generation glich or because of the new update 1.6.2? Please answer


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Your dad just got the worlds luckiest and most improbable seed in the world. Herobrine did not spawn the worlds largest diamond mine for you. (Since he's been removed a few dozen times now.)

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I call fake, Pictures or it

I call fake, Pictures or it didn't happen.

There's waaay too much people running around that think telling people that they have found diamonds above layer 16. Which is impossible, because the code is written that way.