What's wrong?(Two Things)
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My account TheCrazyFan486 always have the same text.there are no servers to validate you,your minecraft user/pass is wrong and QXCN account have this,when talking,it has a text,waiting for kick and something I forget but I cannot talk and have to quit the client in order to work,HELP!!!

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@Captain Goal

Captain Goal, it seems that your link has helped me a bit, I am able to get to the server list but once I try to log on to WoMRealms :: Own it. (Classic server) it does the exact same thing as before. But at least now I can play on other servers, before I couldn't play at all, you've helped me to some extent.

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This should help you get on World of Minecraft:Realms, if you are a member.

http://www.worldofminecraft.com/content/having-problems-connecting-womrealms-World of Minecraft-client-try-tutorial