why was I banned
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Well i just wanna get straight to the point I felt like a heated situation was handled incorrectly and I just wanted to talk about it so here's the story. My friends and I have a very nice fort we put hard work and time into and we don't want visitors really we tend to keep to ourselves. Just to be safe from people and trolls and griefers. Well someone showed up while me and another friend of mine was on playing (I won't reveal names until asked for) I don't know how he showed up cuz our fort is in the middle of no where really. I asked him to please leave multiple times, his response, "TROLOLOLOL" I keep asking for him to leave and nothing he keeps trolling on. fortunately we have claimed most of the area to ourselves so no one can destroy any blocks but the claim wasn't perfect and some blocks next to our tree farm were destroyed from him. The troll never decides to leave so I call for an admin, I didn't know their names specifically at that time, no admin or mod shows up, after multiple calls (and i mean PLENTY) the matter was taken into our own hands lava was poured on the troll (not by me but I will gladly say it was, I will always take the hit for friends) so we killed the troll his stuff was burned up because of lava. So Now an admin decides to show up and bans me for pvp AND my other friend (only one person poured the lava so why two bans???) I have no idea what happened to the troll, and I feel as if the bad guy escaped. What was I supposed to do let the troll walk all over my friend and I? I fight back to the troll and get banned for it?? and I also feel as if an admin should've of showed waaaaay before anything happened. My friend and I have a 13 day ban which I feel shouldn't have happened, but I will take the "justice" even though I never even poured the lava, but I will gladly take the hit for it, But how am I supposed to do that if my friend was banned too? Honestly, I feel as if the wrong people here were cuffed and the troll is still out there

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To be fair, Black0ut432, Mistyfuzz and I(Zerimar_v3) have delt with harassment by Shadowhehedgehog before. While their actions may not have been the right thing to do, this player has been begging his\her way into people's houses. Previousely they messaged me about wanting to /tpa to my location. When I said no I was harassed for about 10 minutes, trying to get me to change my mind. I also understand they were banned for griefing someone else's items. I understand if the ban on these 2 players is not lifted before the 13 days is up, but given Shadow's previous begging to many players on the server, I am asking it to be considered. Misty and Black are good players who are helpful and for the most part we keep to ourselves.

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I told you that pvp, direct or indirect, would result in a ban from the server. If you waited and didn't pour any lava and that include your friend's action, i was getting ahold of the staff that i could of. Since you did break the no pvp, its an insta ban so you will need to wait out the ban till you get back on the server.

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ssfdre38 is correct and it

ssfdre38 is correct and it sounds like the ban was warranted. If there are no staff on, there are usually people on who do know how to get hold of them. Also the staff names are listed on the forum, albeit the list is a little out of date.

Aside from this we are also able to rollback any griefing and review chat logs to see what happened, so you won't lose anything to the troll.

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Both should of been banned.

Well if your breaking the rules and punishment is banned your banned. But if your both breaking the rules you both should be banned. The troll probably got banned to. I do not know for sure though.