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So as many of you guys know, I've been working on a guardian grinder. This grinder is actually already working alright, but it's nowhere near done. I've crafted thousands of buckets and plan on crafting many more, which is why I've very recently started to work on what will be an iron farm. This iron farm caused me to think that maybe I should also make a slime farm, and auto-farms for melons and pumpkins as well. This will be a large undertaking, and I've already gotten tons of help, but I'm not posting this to ask for help, but to let you guys know about a warp I plan on placing here.

The huge amount of grinders means that people going there is good, which makes me want to make a warp there, but if lots of people go there, that just means problems. Normally. That's why I'm planning on making it a private warp, a sort of buy-your-way in for access to the chests, but because I don't want people to just loot a chest and leave, I'm going to set in a system where you flick a lever to stop the hoppers from draining a chest, and allow you to take your loot.

I have no clue whether this is a great idea or a terrible one, so give me feedback on what you think could help me do it better. If you don't like this idea, instead of just saying "This idea is bad" let me know what you think would make it better.

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Late Reply Is Late

Late reply is late, but I think it would be a good idea. The idea of having people pay to access this area seems fitting, as such an area would be slightly overpowered, but eh.
A suggestion would be to have the warp access fee to be variant on what kinds of farms people want access to. If someone only wants access to the wheat autofarm (or whatever available basic plant autofarm[s] you have), the fee should be lower than someone who wants to access every available facility.
I'd definitely invest in an area like this, since I'm looking to go into business, and the fee will eventually pay for itself.

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I can contribute one peso.

I like the idea though, can also offer advice on how to manage claims / permissions for it and a few ideas in the Redstone depending on how you do it