World of Minecraft Newsletter! Issue #6
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Yay it's the weekend again everyone!


Hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day :D

This week we say goodbye to an old World of Minecraft member and friend who has designed some awesome builds for this server: Lockpick42. Lock is aiming to focus on finishing school and getting a good career set for him. We will miss his participation in World of Minecraft and wish the best of luck in his endeavors!

For the time being, /warp ruins will remain active for other players since it was intended as a public warp. Remember that grief will NOT be tolerated



  • Ever since free eggs have been available near market, there have been quite a few chickens running around spawn. Please keep "egging" to a minimum. Thank you.


  • There are a lot of players who are keeping large numbers of mobs (cows, chickens, etc) around spawn and some of it causes lag for other players. If possible, breed and build up what you need when you are online and then keep your total mob count to a minimum afterward.



                                                          CHUCKY VANISHES!

It was discovered some time ago that Erik's pet baby zombie "Chucky" had disappeared. We believe it was creeper related but regardless, we bid farewell and there are plans for possible replacement for the town mascot.



Insider Sam here with an important update to the Top Secret project currently being worked on by staff. The decryption of the intercepted messages is now complete! The following is from the final results of the decoding process:


H3X: What is the status of Project NE?

Winter_Orb: Very good, it has an intelligence all its own

Zeus: WE commands?

Carbon_T8r: Possibly but it will be limited. We don't want abilities too powerful

H3X: Has the central reprogramming gone rogue again?

Carbon_T8r: It did briefly but it's stable now

Winter_Orb: We are missing Jupiter's Moon

Zeus: I'm on it

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Zeus?! What sort of stuff is daddy not telling me? I must find the answer!

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How to get featured in the World of Minecraft newsletter!

Quick tutorial on how to get featured in the World of Minecraft newsletter!

Step 1: Become good friends with Erikios!

Step 2: Leave the World of Minecraft server!

Step 3: Sit back and enjoy



im joking don't actually do this

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Jupiter has 67 moons, so this could take a while. I recommend starting with Ganymede, which is the biggest moon in the solar system. 

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Another great newsletter ERIK!

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Another brilliant newsletter

Another brilliant newsletter :)


I noticed that Chucky was gone the day the newsletter went up saying he was there. The glass block missing in the picture went missing a week or so later, around the time I kept finding my doors and gates open.

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10/10 would read again

These are great. Keep up the good work Erik!

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top job Erik!

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Quote:top job Erik!The master

top job Erik!

The master has spoken.

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I noticed that Chucky was

I noticed that Chucky was gone the day the newsletter went up saying he was there.