World of Minecraft: Now With 100% More Channels!
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Hi guys! On World of Minecraft, you can create and join channels!

To create a channel:
/channel create [name]
To join it:
/channel join [name]

If you own a channel, (being the person who created it) you can set it to private:
/channel [name] private
This won't kick anyone that is currently in it out, but no one can join it! To invite them:
/channel [name] invite [player]

If you're lonely and want to find a channel to talk to people in, you can look at the list of them using the command:
/channel list

If you find any bugs with this, please tell Yenwood! If you have any questions, also ask Yenwood! (I keep telling MrSnowGlobe the commands but he never remembers)

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Jupiter Note: You can also use ! at the start of a message to talk to global chat while you're in a channel.