World of Minecraft problems...
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When i go to World of Minecraft, i click my favo server, its online, but World of Minecraft says it maybe down, and on the one it works

Can someone help me?
I really like World of Minecraft, But it happened like 3/2 days ago that lots server are down while they are online

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Me too.

Ive got another problem. My World of Minecraft says that I failed to log in, but all of my details are right.

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World of Minecraft error

someone please help! World of Minecraft is having trouble logging in the minecraft servers :(

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If you're accessing the server from your favourites, there is a chance that the url may have changed after a server restart. In this case, you'll have to search the server in the list and delete/re-add it to your favourites.

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i have the same problemIf i

i have the same problem

If i try to log in by World of Minecraft i cant. but if i try to log in on than i can.

I also cant sing in 


I have tried (or tryed?) on 6 diffirent servers By using direct connetURL

and all those server i could log in on

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just be patient till moujave will find new server host

it will be alright

and it will save ur world or realm

have a lucky day smiley

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they're talking about the World of Minecraft: Game Client not World of Minecraft: Realms.

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I think we need more information.

What Java version are you using? Java 7 won't work with the World of Minecraft Client, so you will need Java 6.

What version is your World of Minecraft Client? You can download the 2.0.8 version from the Downloads secton.

If all else fails, try the the xWoM Client at of Minecraft-fix-unofficial