Xcraft Minecraft Classic Server
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Hi. So. I just logged back on here. I was named Elveraldo back in the days and must say that I was pretty famous around the MC-community and servers in 2009-2011. Still... I do not think that anyone remembers me nowadays.

To day I came to think about a server and all my works on it. Sadly all MC-classic servers were being shut down in 2011. But what I want to try to do is to get in touch with the owner of the dear server called Xcraft back then. I do not remember the owners name. Only the server-name. If someone ever know anything about it, please contact me. I would so like to talk to the owner once again.

Thank you all.

Here is some links about the server which I still have =)

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We have been looking such

We have been looking such server of minecraft.
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