Xcrafters bukkit factions SMP server
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Hello guys i wanted to tell alot of people about this awsome server with awsome people as a mod it is sad to see people leave and owners getting bord. this is because of raiding people leave and killing base finding and just cause people spam servers. its a nice server with friendly staff aswell we have a tekkit server for all you tekkit boys and girls out there who think just old minecraft isnt good now heres the fourms for it


aswell i feel some of you great minecrafters (all of you guys) should atlest give it a try but dont build anything big untill after the 15th of feb cause the servers gonna restart cause of a few people having op items and soo on

the ip for bukkit is bukkit.xcrafters.com

and the ip for tekkit is mc.xcrafters.com

Hope to see you there guys and remeber follow the rules


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Good server

Its a great server with no lag :)