XenoCraft SMP (youtubers needed!)
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Hello there :D its YoWaddles again!
As some of you may already know, I am a part of the Xeno Craft modded SMP
Well good news! :) the SMP is in need of new members!
Qualifications Are:
1. have a minecraft account 
2. have the technicpack launcher installed - http://www.technicpack.net/
3. have a YouTube channel and be able to post at least once a week
4. have Team speak 3
5. have Skype
1. No foul language / profanity ETC!
2. Absolutely! NO GRIEFING "these mods are hard enough without the threats of other members"
3. Be active "this is not an SMP for just any body to play it is a YouTuber SMP and we hope for it to be great one day"
there are more rules I think but those are the main ones :)
OK so thats about it :)
If you want to know a but more about the SMP you can comment below or even go check out soem videos we have already done on the SMP to see what it is like :) - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpI_JkpZsIvyqssqJBRqevexLmy0QM50r
So...are [you] up for the challenge?

Mr. Redstone
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I have a youtube, but I don't think I'd be that interested. Plus, I won't be posting videos until June cause I am working on the technicalities.

BTW, what is in the mod pack. I may want to see if I like it.

If you are having trouble with void's launcher, I posted a topic to help.