Yet another dialog on WoM, the Wrapper & general flaming.
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<Liam> Hey guys: Do you know who coded WoM? The server?
<Pixel> No clue, probably a griefer Liam
<Katnipz> all the good servers are wom now
<LG_Legacy> Don't bother.
<Pixel> >->
<Liam> :o
<Iguana> Wut
<AlLnAtuRalX> Boycott WoM
<Pixel> ^this
<Liam> I just want to know who coded it <_<
<AlLnAtuRalX> So you can kill them? Good idea! :P
<Pixel> I know, and I just said it was probably a griefer
<Pixel> xD
<Liam> I heard you, Pixel :P
<Liam> No, so i can ask them how they coded fluids.
<Pixel> Anyway, I have no idea
<AlLnAtuRalX> Liam, why? They're not going to help you with the protocol
<liq3> PuyoDead: it is.
<AlLnAtuRalX> lol
<Liam> I got the protocol
<Liam> just fine
<Katnipz> im mad becouse all the servers are going to WoM and i was spec'ed and muted on WoM
<Liam> But fluids are too hard :S
<liq3> I better. :/
<Pixel> Katnipz, be glad they're banishing you from the worst server. :<
<liq3> I meant UI.
<liq3> >.<
<Iguana> They banned me
<Iguana> Because I told them my plan
<Liam> From where, iggy?
<Iguana> My super duper secret plan
<Iguana> During that argument
<Liam> from -WHAR-?
<liq3> AlLnAtuRalX: if you figure out a way to minimize the space used by contacts I'll probably convert to it. :P
<liq3> I can't be assed to figure it out myself honestly.
<AlLnAtuRalX> lol
<Iguana> About me hooking up my server with WoM and getting mod there, banning everyone, and posting the code for server, EVERYWHERE
<liq3> kk
<Katnipz> is a admin of WoM here >:I
<Pixel> H4X is one
<Pixel> Ask him
<Pixel> Not that he'll help you
<liq3> Katnipz: why do you want one?
<Pixel> ^this
<Katnipz> :D i called him a bad admin
<Pixel> Iguana
<Pixel> That's...
<Iguana> I know
<Katnipz> :D
<Iguana> But I failed
<Pixel> :(
<Katnipz> but i am sorry D:
<Iguana> Because during the arguement
<Iguana> As the truthful person I am
<liq3> Iguana: eh?
<Iguana> I told them
<Iguana> Well
<Iguana> My plan that is
<Pixel> You didn't tell them the password was fishie54
<Liam> Iggy: private chat --
<Pixel> did you?!
<Katnipz> H4X i am sorry for calling you a bad admin :( i don't want to be muted or spec'd anymore :(
<Katnipz> even though your not going to remember me calling you that :D
<liq3> H4X a bad admin? N aaahhh. He's one of the Devil's Henchman's henchman's henchman's servant.
<liq3> :P
<Pixel> xD
<Pixel> Katnipz
<Pixel> Don't suck up to H4X
<Pixel> Find a better server to play on
<AlLnAtuRalX> Katnipz, we don't take kindly to your type around here
<Pixel> WoM sucks
<AlLnAtuRalX> H4X is the scum of the server world as far as I'm concerned
<Pixel> ^this
<AlLnAtuRalX> he's the bottom of the chain, the sh*teater bottom-feeder of society
<Pixel> And he is
<Pixel> He impersonates servers
<charrr> ohohoh
<Katnipz> but all the servers are being transformed in to them
<AlLnAtuRalX> He deserves nothing but contempt
<Pixel> (Eagle's server)
<AlLnAtuRalX> Like what Katnipz ?
<Katnipz> and im spec'd and muted on all of them
<Pixel> He scares away that server's playerbase (Eagle's server)
<AlLnAtuRalX> The Archives is nothing like WoM
<Pixel> And is an overall douchebag (H4X)
<charrr> so, you got tired of playing solo
<Liam> Archives sucks azz
<Pixel> Archives is cool
<Liam> :P
<BlackxBird> ur speced because u griefed
<Pixel> But WoM
<Pixel> Is like
<Liam> WoM is stupid
<liq3> BlackxBird: how do you know that?
<BlackxBird> i used the status command
<liq3> I would hardly put it past WoM to spec someone because they insulted admins.
<Katnipz> black um yeah i place one lava birkc when i was speeding becouse i taped my mouse up agenced my keybored
<charrr> stop talking about WoM before #minecraft explodes
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<Katnipz> brick*
<jonnyabc> -_- someone just dug themselves a grave
<TheOne> o.O
<TheOne> caps
<Pixel> I would probably be speced too if I went on there a second time
<Pixel> Because I wouldn't hold in my rage
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<liq3> Pixel: You german? :D
<Liam> Who dug who a grave? :P
<AlLnAtuRalX> Yeah, I went into their IRC once and dismantled them
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<Pixel> HEIL
<AlLnAtuRalX> The best they could think of were pathetic retorts
<Pixel> And no
<Katnipz> whats there IRC?
<liq3> lol.
<liq3> German rage videos. XD
<AlLnAtuRalX> Katnipz, we're not telling you so you can go suck up to H4X
<Katnipz> >:(
<Pixel> xD
<charrr> #wominecraft
<Katnipz> but i want to be unspec'd D:
<liq3> #wominecraft? like, WOMEN minecraft? :P
<TheOne> hey SYNTAX_ERROR you near wichita?
<BlackxBird> u have to file an appeal
<LG_Legacy> #wom
<Iguana> I hate Wom
<TheOne> no advertiseing here
<Iguana> They killed my population for my server
<Iguana> TheOne Lol
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<AlLnAtuRalX> WoM should die IMO
<Iguana> I'll kill it
<Iguana> Watch me
<AlLnAtuRalX> I would love Notch to shut them down
<Visiiri> Hahaha.
<AlLnAtuRalX> I would love it for Notch to...*
<Pixel> The scary thing is
<LG_Legacy> Super DDOS?
<Pixel> Notch should PICTURES
<Visiiri> I got my autoclicker
<Pixel> From WoM
<Pixel> On his blog
<Pixel> :(
<Pixel> *showed
<liq3> Iguana: go into Red Faction and get one of those super hammers, then introduce it tho the server cluster with WoM on it. :P
<Katnipz> my chanel
<Katnipz> >:D
<Visiiri> But it's the game hack version
<Visiiri> and I can't change it-> that would be leeching.
<Visiiri> I made it leech free
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<Katnipz> lol
<charrr> AlLnAtuRalX: I can
<Animator> WoM has douchebags for admins.
<Liam> Lol KAt :P
<AlLnAtuRalX> charrr, you can?
<Pixel> No
<Animator> A dude muted me for a typo.
<Pixel> Admins have douchebags for wom
<Pixel> ...
<NE0> Hello Mr Anderson
<Pixel> err
<Liam> ANIII
<Liam> :D
<Pixel> Wait
<charrr> AlLnAtuRalX: I can'z greef wom I hates it foever!!!!1one
<Liam> Wom has douchebags for admin?
<Liam> :P
<liq3> lol pixel
<Iguana> Liq3
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<AlLnAtuRalX> ha, I would grief WoM
<liq3> ?
<Iguana> Lua can do that
<AlLnAtuRalX> I would have no problem doing that
<Pixel> I would too
<liq3> rofl.
<liq3> :P
<Pixel> And I don't grief
<Pixel> >->
<Liam> lolcoptr
<Katnipz> :(
<AgentSmith> Hello Mr Anderson.
<Pixel> I think we should all take H4X into a dark alleyway
<Pixel> And beat him up
* Animator glares at Liam.
<Katnipz> i still want to be unspec'd on there server
<Liam> Lol :P
* Liam glares at Ani
<Pixel> And then hang him from his feet
<AlLnAtuRalX> Katnipz, do us all a favor
<Pixel> Batman style
* Liam needs awkward silence nAO
<Pixel> And beat him up
<AlLnAtuRalX> find a real server
<Iguana> Pixel
<Pixel> And stop sucking up to H4X
<Pixel> Yeah?
<liq3> Iguana: throw them on all the players, and watch em run around waving their arms. ;P
<Iguana> I know Muai Thai, Krav Maga, and Kenpo
<Pixel> Throw him into a pit of...
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<Pixel> 1 on 1 fightr
<Katnipz> i have my own server
<Iguana> And my intimidating height
<Iguana> Of 6'2
<Pixel> Iguana vs. H4X
<Iguana> Loooool
<Katnipz> :( but no one comes
<liq3> pixel: pit of gay men? :D
<Pixel> I was going to throw him into a pit of zombie
<Pixel> ...
<Iguana> No
<AlLnAtuRalX> I would seriously want to beat that f***er up... it would be fun
<TheOne> H4X's idle time: 0d 19h 14m 48s
<Iguana> BRAWL PIT
<Pixel> But Iguana fighting him
<PuyoDead> hey liq3, Buddies > Show > Buddy Details
<Pixel> souds good
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<AlLnAtuRalX> he's an arrogant prick who f***ed the minecraft community anally sans lube
<Pixel> :D
<Pixel> EAGLE
<Pixel> EAGLE
<TheOne> wow
<liq3> PuyoDead: :D

--- [unrelated chat]

<PuyoDead> oh, and as for the WoM people, they spent one night in here "repairing our relationship". and while it went well, and was civil... it just felt very hollow
<Visiirii> the hell?
<AlLnAtuRalX> Katnipz, you must never have been on when I started an argument with citricsquid
<AlLnAtuRalX> and everyone chose sides
<LG_Legacy> <_<
<Animator> So if you got a beef with H4X, visit him in those aforementioned channels.
<AlLnAtuRalX> PuyoDead, I hope you told them to go f*** themselves
<Visiirii> tastey sides?
<AlLnAtuRalX> :D
<AlLnAtuRalX> In a civil fashion, of course
<PuyoDead> it was all very "we're all good people, we're sorry for everything, let's be friends"
<AlLnAtuRalX> something like
<Katnipz> dose minecraft have a normal IRC?
<AlLnAtuRalX> You know what I would have said?
<Super-Dot> Katnipz: I'm an admin because I was a member of and #tigIRC before #minecraft was created
<PuyoDead> well, there is one bit of very good news. Peroggi is gone
<AlLnAtuRalX> If you're sorry, show us and pull the hacks off your site
<AlLnAtuRalX> Then we'll know you're sorry
<Pixel> Peroggi is gone from where?
<AlLnAtuRalX> Until then, your words are empty and cheap
<Katnipz> kk
<Visiirii> ok I'm bored now
<AlLnAtuRalX> Just like everyone elses'
<Super-Dot> And because I'm a Reputable Businessperson
<PuyoDead> yea, when it comes down to it, I'll never take them seriously with that there
<Visiirii> off to CA
<Super-Dot> (or a gamescrafteur)
<SMP> lol
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<liq3> CA?
<AlLnAtuRalX> it's really a slap in the face to everyone who spends hours working hard against griefers
<Iguana> You guys want to join their channel and spam?
<Super-Dot> Visiirii is visiting California
<PuyoDead> no
<AlLnAtuRalX> And I think PuyoDead of all people can testify as to how many hours I worked against those f***ers :P
<Iguana> Or server?
<Iguana> Aand spam?
<Visiirii|CA> no
<Liam> lol
<Liam> :P
<liq3> visiiri: CA?
<liq3> The Cat Awards?
<PuyoDead> and again, while it all went well, and was mostly drama-free... it just felt very, well, "corporate". as in, a very forced, but not heartfelt "appology"
<Visiiri> HEY
<Super-Dot> I'm watching the Google Wave preview and it's so dang awesome
<liq3> Canned Apples?
<SMP> It wasn't forced.
<SMP> It wasn't "corporate"
<Super-Dot> My enthusiasm is rekindled since the last time I was exposed to it

--- [unrelated chat]

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<Liam> What is the law of sines? :P
<Liam> <-- only in HS Geometry :D
<Liam> I know what sine, cos, and tan do
<Liam> but what is the '-law- of sines'?
<AlLnAtuRalX> orly? HS geometry should have law of sines
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<Liam> Well were like 6 weeks into geometry...
<trid|home> AlLnAtuRalX: I just want to apologize on behalf of the rest of the WoM staff
<Liam> so...
<AlLnAtuRalX> Well, in my HS it was different. it was in B1 and B2 (8th and 9th grade)
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<AlLnAtuRalX> trid|home, Like I said
<Liam> afk :P
<Liam> soz
<AlLnAtuRalX> your words are cheap and empty
<Liam> bad timing irl
<SMP> lolol
<AlLnAtuRalX> Take the hack off the site and I will accept your apology
<AlLnAtuRalX> and so will everyone else
<trid|home> charrr does not represent us anymore, he has been demoted and is no longer staff
<AlLnAtuRalX> And we'll view you as a functioning and valuable member of Minecraft, not the scourge I see you as now.
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<AlLnAtuRalX> It really is that simple.
<SMP> GJ at being mature about this
<AlLnAtuRalX> Anyone can talk SMP
<trid|home> I don't apologize for distributing the hacks and won't until notch makes a decision
<AlLnAtuRalX> Alright, then don't apologize anymore
<AlLnAtuRalX> it's weak
<trid|home> we have asked him for it numerous times
<AlLnAtuRalX> You guys should get into politics, y'know?
<liq3> politics?
<liq3> ...
<trid|home> we don't believe hacks are detrimental
<AlLnAtuRalX> trid|home, you realize there are people who have spent hours a day fighting griefers, since June 7?
<AlLnAtuRalX> Are you blind?
<AlLnAtuRalX> Hacks have made griefing shoot up like never before
<AlLnAtuRalX> We had a flare-up when special was released
<PuyoDead> that's largely why people hold such a low opinion of WoM
<AlLnAtuRalX> then another HUGE one when WoM put up its wrapper
<AlLnAtuRalX> that flare-up has yet to die
<Pixel> PuyoDead, the reason I hold a low opinion of WoM is the Eagle's Sandbox Server incident
<Pixel> It kinda went downhill from there
<PuyoDead> well, that too
<AlLnAtuRalX> In fact, I've stopped caring since that happened. I simply don't have enough hours in my day to deal with it. It's not only incredibly detrimental to the community, but also an insult to the hard work of the admins
<AlLnAtuRalX> Sorry man, but you have no respect or empathy from me :(
<AlLnAtuRalX> None of you do
<trid|home> and yet if it's as clear cut as you say, why does notch still sit on the fence?
<AlLnAtuRalX> Because Notch never ran a server
<AlLnAtuRalX> Notch hasn't seen it first hand
<AlLnAtuRalX> he codes and sits in IRC making jokes
<AlLnAtuRalX> He doesn't spend 3 hours a day following griefers
<AlLnAtuRalX> he didn't do that for two months
<AlLnAtuRalX> He never has. And he doesn't care
<liq3> AlLnAtuRalX: you follow griefers? I just ban em on the spot.
<AlLnAtuRalX> as long as his cash is flowing, he's 100% set
<AlLnAtuRalX> liq3, I follow everyone who comes in
<AlLnAtuRalX> from a distance
<AlLnAtuRalX> if I see them griefing, then I ban
<AlLnAtuRalX> I need concrete evidence though
<AlLnAtuRalX> it's our policy never to ban on suspicion
<liq3> heh.
<AlLnAtuRalX> trid|home, honestly, I couldn't care less about your server. It's just another one AFAIC. But distributing the hacks is absolutely unacceptable
<PuyoDead> following the "official" word you'll most likely not get, to justify making administration more difficult is quite an insult
<liq3> i just thought of a way to make catching griefers very easy.
<AlLnAtuRalX> Absolutely PuyoDead
<liq3> would use quite a bit of memory tho.
<trid|home> Look, I know that hacks aren't the problem, but that you guys don't have enough powers to deal with griefers.
<trid|home> becaue hacks aren't a problem for us
<AlLnAtuRalX> trid|home, leave. Now.
<AlLnAtuRalX> We don't want you here. It's not the time to insult our admin skills.
<AlLnAtuRalX> Get out. Now.
<Pixel> GET OUT
<Pixel> NOW
<AlLnAtuRalX> Seriously.
<SMP> lol
<Pixel> Wow, are we both thinking Governator here?
<AlLnAtuRalX> This is not his home, nor will it ever be
<Pixel> No, he's AT home
<AlLnAtuRalX> I don't sh*t on the dinner table in my house, that's for sure
<Pixel> Did you not read his nick? D:
<trid|home> I have as much right to be here as anyone
<PuyoDead> no, we certainly don't, but additional, and easily distributed "hacks" don't help in any way
<AlLnAtuRalX> trid|home, we had at our peak, a solid 100 ops
<AlLnAtuRalX> PuyoDead was there, he can testify
<AlLnAtuRalX> But when you have 10, 20 griefers coming every two hours, and overnight when there are no admins
<PuyoDead> still chased them around like roaches
<AlLnAtuRalX> I'm sure the griefers overlook you because of your alternative ban system and the fact that you gave them their hacks
<trid|home> and i didn't say you were at fault, but rather that you don't have the tools necessary to deal with the griefers, that's not slandering you or your abilities
<AlLnAtuRalX> But they absolutely destroy us, and even when you have three ops on, they pass people for an hour
<PuyoDead> and I said, that making things -worse- is certainly not a sound choice
<AlLnAtuRalX> Right, so how do you expect us to change that? That's Notch's prerogative trid|home
<AlLnAtuRalX> trid|home, I'm sure anyone who was here in July can testify
<AlLnAtuRalX> I have asked Notch at least 4 times for spectate
<AlLnAtuRalX> I even described to him exactly how it would work
<PuyoDead> not to mention the rest of us
<AlLnAtuRalX> he said it would be great, and of course he never implemented it (along with the other thing I bugged him from, clean disconnects while closing all sockets on Linux)
<SMP> So you have just as much of a problem with Notch as you do with us, then?
<PuyoDead> partially, but nowhere near the same scale
<AlLnAtuRalX> Not really, no. I'm pissed because he's lazy
<AlLnAtuRalX> But he's not intentionally destroying the community
<AlLnAtuRalX> Can you tell me the flip side of the coin? What do you guys have to gain by distributing this "wrapper"
<AlLnAtuRalX> ?&
<trid|home> Ok. If I were to release a server, completely free would you guys hate me even more?
<Pavelo> That's a little ridiculous
<AlLnAtuRalX> trid|home, I wouldn't care. I just want the hacks gone, and I don't think that's too much to ask
<PuyoDead> we certainly don't like the missing obvious requests/fixes... but we even moreso don't enjoy seeing other contribute to how bad it is
<AlLnAtuRalX> I told you how they harmed the community, you tell me how you help it
<AlLnAtuRalX> how they* (the hacks)
<Iguana> Is it too late to join in this conversation?
<AlLnAtuRalX> no Iguana
<trid|home> there are a *lot* more people using hacks constructively than there are using it to grief
<Iguana> I just want to let you know.
<PuyoDead> and honestly, if you distributed your server, while Notch would be against that, and further help would be welcome. further hack distrobution, on the other hand, not so much
<LG_Legacy> Amazing
<AlLnAtuRalX> Maybe in your server. Far more griefers than hackers through sheer quantity
<LG_Legacy> Look what you guys have started
<AlLnAtuRalX> trid|home, even Iguana agrees. lol.
<Iguana> And everyone on my server hacks out to grief stuff. Really, there is no point in spawn jails now.
<AlLnAtuRalX> You won't find a vanilla server admin who hasn't seen what you guys have done
<trid|home> I don't think notch would be against distributing myserver
<AlLnAtuRalX> And who likes what you have done to the community
* LG_Legacy has proven that
<liq3> Iguana: there never was.
<Iguana> I mean, it had some sort of use when only Minecraft Special was used
<AlLnAtuRalX> IMO, it's deplorable
<Iguana> But the noclip jsut hurts my servers
<Iguana> And me.
<Iguana> On the inside. D:
<SMP> Griefers will still get the hacks
<AlLnAtuRalX> trid|home, I don't want your server. I want the hacks gone. I already have the Archives, which is far better than your server
<Pavelo> lol
<trid|home> AlLnAtuRalX: So why are you complaining then?
<PuyoDead> what?
<AlLnAtuRalX> Because it didn't stop the griefers?
<AlLnAtuRalX> Are you smoking crack?
<Iguana> And even if the hacks are off the site, some people still have them. They WILL still transfer around. You just started something, and now you can't end it.
<AlLnAtuRalX> I mean, come on. Slap yourself if that's what it takes
<AlLnAtuRalX> You guys don't have griefers because of that MEMBERSHIP sh*t.
<AlLnAtuRalX> But if you read the following (hold on let me get it)
<trid|home> you're complaining that the softare you have and is better than mine can't control the griefers?
<AlLnAtuRalX> hold on
<AlLnAtuRalX> it can, using permissions
<AlLnAtuRalX> But here:
<AlLnAtuRalX> You can see why I'm against permissions, etc
<PuyoDead> did you miss when we were discussing the problems in and around july?
<AlLnAtuRalX> Read that, a lot of it applies to you
<AlLnAtuRalX> Yeah, did you miss all those threads?
<AlLnAtuRalX> PuyoDead, you're on the forums... link him
<AlLnAtuRalX> I posted extensively in the "griefing will always exist" one
<PuyoDead> oh god, that could take all night
<AlLnAtuRalX> which seemed to be the main debate center
<AlLnAtuRalX> lol yeah.
<PuyoDead> we have to hear about that sh*t every day
<AlLnAtuRalX> He is absolutely apathetic towards the community. Sickening. I still haven't heard why keeping the hacks on helps.
<trid|home> so you're saying that people have the right to come in and destroy your works
<PuyoDead> seriously, it never stopped
<Animator> Technically, griefing will always exist.
<AlLnAtuRalX> where do I say this trid|home
<trid|home> and that everyone has equal rights on your servers
<Animator> They don't have the right to take it down.
<AlLnAtuRalX> No, I don't say that at all
<AlLnAtuRalX> I say my job is first and foremost to serve the users
<Iguana> Even if the hacks are taken down, people still have them now.
<AlLnAtuRalX> and to make their experience as ideal and seamless as I can
<AlLnAtuRalX> Yes, Iguana
<Iguana> So they still will be distributed.
<trid|home> we don't stop people from building on our servers except if they are griefing
<AlLnAtuRalX> He has permanently destroyed part of the community
<AlLnAtuRalX> But IMO, if he takes it down
<Iguana> And then WoM started something, they can't end.
<AlLnAtuRalX> it shows to me they are sorry that they did this
<AlLnAtuRalX> and that they understand, and feel remorse
<AlLnAtuRalX> If they don't take it down, it's practically a big "f*** EVERYONE BUT WOM"
<AlLnAtuRalX> to all the vanilla admins
<PuyoDead> I think your mindset may be a little sheltered at this point, from your own server software. things may be good there, but otherwise, vanilla public servers are a wasteland
<AlLnAtuRalX> absolutely.
<trid|home> i believe in evolution not devolution
<liq3> PuyoDead: they always were.
<PuyoDead> what?
<AlLnAtuRalX> The hydrogen bomb is evolution
<AlLnAtuRalX> I don't bomb Estonia for the lulz and argue it's my right
<Animator> Mmm, vanilla.
<AlLnAtuRalX> because George Bush says it's okay
<Iguana> Vanilla servers are good.
<trid|home> neither do i
<Animator> God, I sure could go for a Klondike Bar.
<Iguana> Take Underd0g's server for example
<AlLnAtuRalX> You unleashed that sort of bomb on Minecraft
<Iguana> Still live and thriving
<Iguana> Great community
<AlLnAtuRalX> and use Notch, someone who NEVER HAS been involved in the community
<AlLnAtuRalX> as justification
<Animator> The original Klondike Bars, not the other remakes.
<AlLnAtuRalX> Absolutely Iguana
<trid|home> but there's a reason why people aren't bombing each other and it's not cause the hydrogen bomb was un-invented
<AlLnAtuRalX> It has become incredibly difficult, even moreso than before though
<Pixel> What would you dooooo for a klondike bar?
<PuyoDead> you're also doing a fine job of sidestepping
<AlLnAtuRalX> trid|home, answer my question please.
* LG_Legacy has changed the topic to: || Rolf is our savior! Play his videogame: || Happy getting married, Notch! || Offical Minecraft Forum server: || Drama Level: Klondike bar
<AlLnAtuRalX> What do you have to gain?
<Animator> Hydrogen bomb?
<Animator> Ahahahahahaha!
<AlLnAtuRalX> Please answer.
<Eagle> Drama Level: Llama
<AlLnAtuRalX> What benefits outweigh the damage?
<Iguana> It's hard to build up good communities now as well, since everyone wants to try out hacks, and once they do, they usually go to the server from where they got it, and then you're stealing precious population
<Iguana> Sounds odd.
<Iguana> But it sounded good in my head
<Iguana> :D
<liq3> Eagle: Nah, it's more like Flood atm.
<Super-Dot> Llama Level: Dlrlmama
* LG_Legacy has changed the topic to: || Rolf is our savior! Play his videogame: || Happy getting married, Notch! || Offical Minecraft Forum server: || Drama Level: Klondike Hydrogen Drama Llama
<trid|home> OK
<Pixel> xD
<AlLnAtuRalX> He won't answer me. Pathetic, and sans balls. Unless you're still typing.
<AlLnAtuRalX> Oh okay, I want to hear this.
<Eagle> I'm satisfied.
<Eagle> :P
<PuyoDead> put it this way... we had a topic the other day where someone came in and said "hey, I bought minecraft! how do I get flying and no clip now?"
* Super-Dot applauds LG_Legacy
<Animator> I hate how the Klondike bars have a strong coat almost all around them except the bottom part.
<Iguana> Everyone quiet. It's Trid's turn to speak.
<liq3> Wurm online is terrible, terrible game.
<liq3> Wurm online is terrible, terrible game.
<LG_Legacy> Flawless victory?
<AlLnAtuRalX> he has to answer my question
<SMP> How about you give him some time to stop and think about your question to form a mature and informed response,
<trid|home> So you don't like WoM's policy because we *require* reistration, but we don't
<AlLnAtuRalX> Stop.
<PuyoDead> trid, seriously.
<AlLnAtuRalX> Please answer my question first
<Liam> Don't stop --- believinggggg! oh wooh aaaaaaaaaah!
<AlLnAtuRalX> then we will continue the rest of the tangential discussion
<AlLnAtuRalX> "What benefits outweigh the damage?"
<PuyoDead> you made a far better effort the last time you guys were in here
<AlLnAtuRalX> I don't have anything against WoM itself
<PuyoDead> nor do I
<LG_Legacy> Quick question
<LG_Legacy> Why can't you take this to a pm?
<AlLnAtuRalX> I have an immense problem against the public distribution of hacks
<PuyoDead> well, except Peroggi, but he's gone
<AlLnAtuRalX> PuyoDead, remember when CPColin's hacks came out?
<PuyoDead> very much so
<Eagle> I just think some of the people who run it are a******s.
<AlLnAtuRalX> And I banned everyone on Reddit Public who was distributing?
<Animator> Or how about another channel?
<AlLnAtuRalX> Those were good times
<LG_Legacy> Reddit..
* LG_Legacy shudders
<PuyoDead> LG: Quick answer, this is minecraft related
<trid|home> I just think that you don't see all the good that comes out of flying hacks
<AlLnAtuRalX> trid|home, please. Are you going to answer?
<AlLnAtuRalX> you are sidestepping.
<AlLnAtuRalX> Please answer my question directly
<Eagle> This is the minecraft channel, the drama level is klondike hydrogen drama llama, we're going to argue about WoM.
<AlLnAtuRalX> You can pastebin it and link if you don't want to fragment
<PuyoDead> nobody is arguing that flying is *bad* in itself. in fact, it's been a great help
<LG_Legacy> Noclip bugs me
<PuyoDead> and to add to that, we've been begging Notch for just that
* Pavelo has quit (Quit: Pavelo)
<trid|home> It's hard to have a level discussion because there's so much disparity between our points of observation
<Animator> It's helped me well run The Archives.
<trid|home> you are only seeing the damage being done
<AlLnAtuRalX> because we're not on your server
<liq3> What's funny is that everyone is arguing about structures made out of blocks, that take no real skill to makke. >.<
<trid|home> no, not because of that
<AlLnAtuRalX> On your server I'm sure it's peachy
<PuyoDead> because the level of damage done is massive
<liq3> Damage?
<AlLnAtuRalX> Have you ever run another server for over a month?
<Animator> Silly liq3. I was talkin about my relationship with my Klondike Bars.
<Animator> *talking.
<liq3> If The Archive crawls your server, damage is never done, since everything is saved.
<AlLnAtuRalX> I can tell you what kind of dedication I put into Reddit Public for the first few months. I tried to make a relationship with each user, and make a giant friendly collaborative community.
<Animator> Er...
<AlLnAtuRalX> That community is dead now because of you
<PuyoDead> I'm refering to the wasteland known as public vanilla servers
<Animator> Hm.
<trid|home> but because there's not the tools out there available to you guys, or you won't accept that people need to prove themselves before being allowed access
<liq3> Animator: what's a klondite bar?
<Super-Dot> Does The Archives have a website?
<liq3> Super-Dot: yes
<AlLnAtuRalX> trid|home, because the tools are not available to fix the damage it's okay to cause it?
<AlLnAtuRalX> Why don't you take the hacks off your site?
<Animator> A Klondike Bar is a kind of ice cream.
<AlLnAtuRalX> Just show us that you understand and that you're sorry
<AlLnAtuRalX> That's all we want
<trid|home> there needs to be a level of loss and a "cost" to gaining readmission
<Animator> It's basically sheltered by a thick coating of chocolate.
<trid|home> if you grief
<Animator> It's delicious.
<AlLnAtuRalX> We don't want to kill you or your server
<PuyoDead> I think he stopped listening.
<Katnipz> guys check this out
<liq3> Animator: i don't like icecream, it's bad for your health.
<AlLnAtuRalX> Yeah, he did stop listening
<AlLnAtuRalX> We don't want to kill you or your server
<AlLnAtuRalX> We just want you to understand, and apologize for your actions towards the community.
<Super-Dot> liq3: Do you know the URL?
<AlLnAtuRalX> Hell, everyone makes mistakes
<trid|home> AlLnAtuRalX: the trouble is i'm not sorry for the hacks
<Animator> Liq3, you sound like an anti-smoke commercial.
<AlLnAtuRalX> Then you're selfish.
<Super-Dot> Google and aren't helping
<trid|home> i totally believe they are a benefit to the community
<AlLnAtuRalX> You honestly can't understand that you've destroyed entire communities
<Animator> "Remember, kids. Don't smoke ice cream. It's bad for you."
<AlLnAtuRalX> Do you understand that or not?
<PuyoDead> well, I still regard you as foolish, then
<Super-Dot> nor minecraftwiki
<AlLnAtuRalX> If you do, and you're not sorry, I have nothing more to say to you.
<liq3> Animator: wha?
<AlLnAtuRalX> I am more than willing to apologize for many things that I've done with my server.
<trid|home> I understand that griefers are using the tools that i make to destry servers that aren't capable of dealing with them
<AlLnAtuRalX> Stop phrasing it gently to make yourself look good.
<trid|home> bet the tools aren't evil
<trid|home> *but
<AlLnAtuRalX> The tools are evil.
<trid|home> the aren't, they are just tools
* Vero ( has joined #minecraft
<AlLnAtuRalX> Don't bullsh*t me. You know full well what you're doing
<AlLnAtuRalX> That's my conclusion
<AlLnAtuRalX> which means one of two things
<AlLnAtuRalX> you're dumb enough to not really get the impact OR
<Animator> The tools are evil if they're being used for evil. Some things just aren't meant for regular people.
<Liam> Natural, get over it :o
<PuyoDead> so, you're essentially saying "guns don't kill people, people kill people"... just, y'know, really watered down
<AlLnAtuRalX> You're doing this on purpose to generate traffic / harm other servers
<Liam> And whoever else
<Liam> Get over it
<AlLnAtuRalX> yeah, exactly what he's saying PuyoDead
<AlLnAtuRalX> Liam, shut the f*** up
<Liam> And just for my information, what is "it"?
<trid|home> I'm building a community where peoplpe don't have to worry about grief and are free to express themselves
<PuyoDead> Liam, what?
<PuyoDead> and that's great, really
<Liam> trid = triddin?
<AlLnAtuRalX> trid|home, one improved community is not an excuse to destroy 20 others
<PuyoDead> but at the expense of others
<AlLnAtuRalX> trid|home, whatever you think, your community is not unique
<Liam> what is great? :o
<AlLnAtuRalX> it's the same at its core as all the others
<AlLnAtuRalX> So it's not worth to have it and destroy 50 others
<AlLnAtuRalX> It's really not.
<liq3> trid|home: already exists. Called single player.
<trid|home> no but those 20 were already dying thats *why* i was motivated
<Katnipz> whos trid?
<AlLnAtuRalX> No. They were f***ing NOT.
<AlLnAtuRalX> Until you came along.
<SMP> yeah they were
<AlLnAtuRalX> trid|home, I'll make you a deal
<Eagle> No they weren't.
<PuyoDead> that's some of the worst logic I've heard in a while
<AlLnAtuRalX> Take the hacks off your website
<SMP> Minecraft was dead long before WoM popped up
<AlLnAtuRalX> And I will shutdown my server forever.
<SMP> I would have trouble finding a server with more than 3 people in it
<AlLnAtuRalX> Deal?
<trid|home> they were so, you think i would have done all this if ui could find somewhere safe to play otherwise?
<AlLnAtuRalX> I will sacrifice Reddit Public to save the tens of other communities
<AlLnAtuRalX> I'm willing to do this. Why aren't you?
<Liam> I'll just restart it myself :o
<AlLnAtuRalX> Show us that you care for once.
<Annihilator> what the hell is this
<AlLnAtuRalX> Just pretend for a minute. It doesn't even have to be sincere.
<LG_Legacy> This seems like it's going out of control.
<Annihilator> what the sympathy
<Katnipz> WHOS TRID D:
<trid|home> i'm trying to be rational here
<Katnipz> the makeing of WoM
<Katnipz> ?
<Animator> Nah, Legacy. It's already hit the climax 15 minutes ago.
<trid|home> i would prefer to find a way to save them all
<AlLnAtuRalX> trid|home, I'm offering to shut down my community for the removal of hacks
<AlLnAtuRalX> That'll save 5 others
<Animator> Now the action is going downhill into a conclusion.
<AlLnAtuRalX> And I acknowledge that mine is not special
<trid|home> removal of hacks won't solve anything
<AlLnAtuRalX> Something which you fail tod o.
<LG_Legacy> The damage and hacks are still out there.
<Annihilator> oh you
<AlLnAtuRalX> LG_Legacy, yes. But it will show he's sorry for it. That they all are.
<liq3> AlLnAtuRalX: you'll shut down what?
<AlLnAtuRalX> Like I said, people make mistakes
<LG_Legacy> That won't fix anything.
<AlLnAtuRalX> liq3, Reddit Public IRC, server,
<AlLnAtuRalX> everything!
<Katnipz> guys notch will have a anti-hack soon
<Katnipz> just hand in there
<trid|home> but i've already said i don't believe hacks are evil
<liq3> trid|home: DO IT. I wanna see if he actually follows thru. :P
<LG_Legacy> I find nothing wrong with this.
<AlLnAtuRalX> I will follow through.
<LG_Legacy> Except for you know..
<LG_Legacy> Noclip
<Annihilator> ain't this funny
<AlLnAtuRalX> You have my word.
<AlLnAtuRalX> Logs are on foreer
<Animator> I never liked Noclip.
<Iguana> Good night everyone. <3
<liq3> rofl.
<AlLnAtuRalX> forever&
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<AlLnAtuRalX> f*** me, I'll leave the Minecraft community if you want me to
<trid|home> I don't have any reason to want reddit shutdown, or to remove my hacks
<PuyoDead> the logic that "hacks are already out there" is no reason to stop distrobution is flawed logic
<LG_Legacy> Whats the word here?
<Katnipz> NO don't leave D:
<LG_Legacy> Overreactive?
<AlLnAtuRalX> You have a reason to remove the hacks
<Iguana> AlLnAtuRalX, don't leave!
<AlLnAtuRalX> To save the communities you slaughtered
<AlLnAtuRalX> Are you so blind / selfish you can't see that?
<AlLnAtuRalX> It's right in front of your face!
<trid|home> but it won't save tehm
<Animator> Don't make my work on your server for vain, Natural.
<AlLnAtuRalX> Yeah, it'll save them
<Animator> I've re-done it 3 times now. ;_;
<trid|home> "get rid of cars they kill people"
<PuyoDead> maybe not, but it would help
<Iguana> Let's get a little petition email thingy and send it to Notch
<PuyoDead> again, that's poor logic
<AlLnAtuRalX> Certainly would help
<Animator> Cars aren't weapons.
* Super-Dot has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
<trid|home> neither are hacks
<Animator> That's a horrible analogy.
<SMP> when have petitions ever done anything for anyone
<AlLnAtuRalX> trid|home, WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO GAIN?
<LG_Legacy> I woudln't get notch involved in this.
<AlLnAtuRalX> You have not f***ing answered me yet.
<LG_Legacy> PuyoDead
<Animator> Some hacks are weapons.
<AlLnAtuRalX> Directly please
<LG_Legacy> You thinking what i'm thinking?
<AlLnAtuRalX> Plain, not fancy wording
<trid|home> what do you mean "gain"
<PuyoDead> probablyt not
<LG_Legacy> Didn't think so
<PuyoDead> -t
<AlLnAtuRalX> What do you gain by putting hacks on the site?
<Liam> Mmm I know what side I'm with but i'd rather not voice it from fear of being scalded by the other side..
<trid|home> i don't have any monetary reason to do this you know?
<AlLnAtuRalX> Any kind of gain
<AlLnAtuRalX> I don't do anything I do for money (except work, and I hate that sh*t)
<AlLnAtuRalX> But I get SOMETHING out of it
<Animator> So, you have no reason, trid.
<trid|home> but i don't gain anything
<AlLnAtuRalX> So take them off.
<trid|home> is this getting recursive?
<SMP> Taking them off would only prevent the good users from getting them, the griefers would still get them anyawy.
<SMP> anyway*
<AlLnAtuRalX> If you don't want to leave this slice of the community thinking you're an egotistic a****** who won't care about other servers, remove it
<LG_Legacy> Allnaturalx
<Darkebrz> What is happening now?
<LG_Legacy> Easy
<LG_Legacy> I think this is enough
<AlLnAtuRalX> So ban me. I dare you.
<LG_Legacy> Me?
<AlLnAtuRalX> go for it
<Liam> Is it just me or is everyone on this game growing a sack and getting banned for it?
<Eagle> There is no reason to ban Natural
<AlLnAtuRalX> I would leave anyway if trid|home took the hacks off and he wanted me to
<LG_Legacy> I have no fair reason to ban you.
<LG_Legacy> Just take it somewhere else alright?
<Animator> This is the seccond instance of a person asking for a bn.
<Animator> *ban
<AlLnAtuRalX> exactly. Banning me would only say something about *you*.
<LG_Legacy> Actually
<LG_Legacy> Nevermind
<PuyoDead> only second? I think we've got more than, that
<LG_Legacy> Keep going
<PuyoDead> not sure where that comma came from
<AlLnAtuRalX> trid|home never answered my question
<AlLnAtuRalX> haha PuyoDead
<LG_Legacy> I'm just going to watch until something f***s up, or this settles down.
<Darkebrz> What are we talking/raging about?
* Portableduck ( has joined #minecraft
<AlLnAtuRalX> glasses are that way -------->
<AlLnAtuRalX> Darkebrz, does the WoM wrapper help the community?
<Darkebrz> Why no!
<Liam> Yes it does.
<LG_Legacy> Halfly
<AlLnAtuRalX> Darkebrz, because it destroys vanilla communities
<Darkebrz> It is harmful and degrades the game
<Liam> It half helps half doesn't help :o
<AlLnAtuRalX> by being used as a griefing weapoons
<AlLnAtuRalX> absolutely
<trid|home> Ok, I tell you what. I really feel for the rest of you guys, and know that notch probably isn't going to get the new server out for a while, so I will build a server and distribute it for free
<PuyoDead> hacks *can* help. it helps with administration. anyone with half a mind sees that
<AlLnAtuRalX> trid|home, f*** you.
* PD-lt has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
<AlLnAtuRalX> What you are doing now is killing people and selling them band-aids
<Darkebrz> That is exactly against Notch's wishes trid|home
<AlLnAtuRalX> Stop trying to appease me and take off the hack
<trid|home> no it's not Darkebrz
<Darkebrz> Yes it is
<Animator> Actually, it is.
<PuyoDead> that's a bit of an empty promise, considering Notch wouldn't allow that in the first place
<liq3> wow, argument is still going.
<LG_Legacy> Can never force a man to do something.
<liq3> What, 20, 30 minutes now?
<Darkebrz> liq3, Im new!
<AlLnAtuRalX> Yeah, I'll go all night
<liq3> haha.
<liq3> :P
<AlLnAtuRalX> until this ass removes the hacks
<trid|home> AlLnAtuRalX: i'm past appeasing you and already said i won't be removing the hacks
<Darkebrz> I have had quite the exciting day today
<PuyoDead> we know :P
<Darkebrz> Like my first kiss
<Darkebrz> Very interesting
* Shadaez (Mibbit@ has joined #minecraft
<Liam> Is there any written form of Notches wishes anywhar? :o
<Pixel> yes
<Liam> Linksauce?
<Pixel> In the Ten Notchmandments
<AlLnAtuRalX> trid|home, then please leave. By my request. Or request that I do
<Pixel> 1. Thou shalt have no other gods
<PuyoDead> in the blog, concerning distrobution
<AlLnAtuRalX> Either one works
<trid|home> Darkebrz Animator PuyoDead : it is not
<Pixel> 2. Thou shalt not grief
<Liam> Oh be quiet, pixel. lol :P
<Katnipz> xD
<Eagle> Darke congrats. :)
<Animator> Yes it is, leally binding.
<Pixel> I don't remember the other 8
<Katnipz> this is the only thing i see
<Animator> We had the same discussion with JTE over this.
<Pixel> wow
<AlLnAtuRalX> yes, let's not go into this discussion
<Pixel> we're still fighting with trid?
<AlLnAtuRalX> Releasing the server won't help anything
<trid|home> Lets
<AlLnAtuRalX> Like I said, I'll fight all night
<Pixel> I would spectate all night
<trid|home> i have seen nothing that says notch doesn't want me to release a server
<AlLnAtuRalX> I have a purpose here. He has none except to save face, like a cheap piece of sh*t.
<Pixel> But Clone Wars 2 hour preview
<AlLnAtuRalX> PuyoDead, got the link?
<AlLnAtuRalX> Or should I find it?
<Pixel> in an hour and a half
<AlLnAtuRalX> The one Notch says he doesn't want to lose control, etc
<Liam> "Any tools you write for the game from scratch belong to you." I believe that also includes the power to distribute. Sorry, trid won this one :S
<PuyoDead> I'm looking, but it'll take a while
<AlLnAtuRalX> Liam, nope
<AlLnAtuRalX> hold on
<AlLnAtuRalX> I will seek
<Eagle> Liam
<Eagle> uh what
<LG_Legacy> #minecraft use to be a peaceful community.
<trid|home> he says he doesn't want me distributing anything he wrote
<TestDummy> Guys.
<Katnipz> i no rite!
<TestDummy> The most hilarious developement just showed up;
<LG_Legacy> Porn Advanced?
<Liam> Lol LG :P
<TestDummy> "# Prohibition of illegal distribution of other copyrighted intellectual property. "
<Eagle> "If you've bought the game, you may play around with it and modify it. I'd appreciate it if you didn't use this for griefing, though, and remember not to distribute the changes"
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<PuyoDead> any snippet of his code counts to that
<Animator> Er Liam, that doesn't include the right to distribute. Again, the same discussion with JTE.
<Liam> but that is a -change-...
<Animator> What Eagle stated.
<trid|home> I wouldnt' be distributing any changes
<AlLnAtuRalX> Do not distribute anything I’ve made, or modified versions of anything I’ve made. I want all client and server downloads to come from
<AlLnAtuRalX> I don’t wish to lose control of this project, and definitely not before it’s been finished.
<Darkebrz> Ooh!
<Liam> 100% original content...
<Darkebrz> New topic!
<Darkebrz> Streaking!
<LG_Legacy> I'm not sure i follow testdummy
<AlLnAtuRalX> . I want all client and server downloads to come from
<AlLnAtuRalX> . I want all client and server downloads to come from
<AlLnAtuRalX> . I want all client and server downloads to come from
<AlLnAtuRalX> . I want all client and server downloads to come from
<Darkebrz> Doesn't everyone love it? I sure do
<PuyoDead> whoa, whoa
<Annihilator> well this is awkwardly funny
<trid|home> i woudn't be distributing anything he made
* LG_Legacy has kicked AlLnAtuRalX from #minecraft ( )
<PuyoDead> that's wasn't needed
* AlLnAtuRalX ( has joined #minecraft
<LG_Legacy> Spam
<LG_Legacy> Easy
<AlLnAtuRalX> Nice try LG_Legacy
<PuyoDead> again, that wasn't needed
<TestDummy> LG_Legacy: Espernet AUP prohibits that.
<Darkebrz> I think that was justified
<Eagle> "Do not distribute anything I've made. This includes the client and the server software for the game.
<Eagle> This also includes modified versions of anything I've made."
<AlLnAtuRalX> ". I want all client and server downloads to come from"
<AlLnAtuRalX> Not
<Liam> Modified means there has to be a predecesor.
<Annihilator> wom sucks
<Liam> :o
<AlLnAtuRalX> I agree
<AlLnAtuRalX> Scum of the server "world"
<Katnipz> notchis terms backstab it's self :[
<AlLnAtuRalX> He has no balls to stand up for what he believes for
<Annihilator> you make no sense
<trid|home> Again that doesn't say wht you think it does
<Pixel> katnipz: friendly fire?
<AlLnAtuRalX> I told him twice already he can ask me to leave right now and I will do so
<Animator> Goddamn, this music is epic.
<TestDummy> Nobody follows what I say. :(
<Liam> Ohh link me Ani.
<AlLnAtuRalX> Because nobody cares about Espernet AUP or the covenant
<AlLnAtuRalX> :P
<Katnipz> sorry im just saying :[
* Animator is playing Transformers The Movie - Opening Theme - White Lion.
<Pixel> this salsa I'm eating
<Pixel> Is hot
<Darkebrz> It is obvious that Notch does not want anyone distributing hacks or custom servers. If you want to say otherwise, then you are a dipsh*t that can't read a real meaning
<Pixel> :O
<trid|home> he doesn't want me to distribute anything he has made and wants all his downloads to come from his site. copyright 101, he has the right to specify tht and he does
<TestDummy> AlLnAtuRalX: Well, I hope you'd care more about it.
<AlLnAtuRalX> Yeah, pretty much Darkebrz
<Katnipz> inb4notch :(
<TestDummy> Since abiding by it is what keeps you on this network.
<Darkebrz> I don't give a f*** if it doesn't actually say that, he doesn't have to.
<AlLnAtuRalX> TestDummy, I'm on about 5 IRC networks ATM
<Pixel> I'm on 2
<trid|home> he also specifies that anything i write is completely mine
<AlLnAtuRalX> So I can leave #minecraft forever
<AlLnAtuRalX> nobody would be any the wiser
<trid|home> copyright = mine
<Annihilator> i'm only on one
<Pixel> AlLnAtuRalX! YOU CAN'T LEAVE
<Pixel> D:
<AlLnAtuRalX> Except maybe the people who depend on my server
<Eagle> trid|home, it also means that he doesn't care if you modify the game, he /doesn't want you to give it to others/
<Eagle> as in
<LG_Legacy> Pixel He's already left the forums
<Eagle> stop giving it to other people
<trid|home> and i can specify how that copyright is assigned
<AlLnAtuRalX> Basically Notch used that wording
<Darkebrz> trid|home, again, be a d*** about it. Just do it somewhere else
<Eagle> take it off your site
<AlLnAtuRalX> because he can't legally tell you not to distrib your own work
<AlLnAtuRalX> but he doesn'
<AlLnAtuRalX> doesn't want you to
<AlLnAtuRalX> That's what it says if you read between the lines
<liq3> According to the EULA, it's illegal to distribute the client software. That makes distributing any hacks that include it illegal.
<AlLnAtuRalX> Sorry for the line-break up in there :P
<Eagle> What liq and darke and I said
<liq3> If Notch wanted to, he could sue WoM.
<Annihilator> i wish someone would admit their errors and let this be done over with
<trid|home> liq3: we've had discussions with notch on this, he confirms that we are not breaching his terms
<AlLnAtuRalX> Right, they are not legally in the wrong
<AlLnAtuRalX> They are morally in the wrong
<liq3> trid|home: "Do not distribute anything I've made. "
<liq3> That's his rules.
<AlLnAtuRalX> They're technically not liq3
<trid|home> liq3: we are not
<liq3> Not my fault if he doesn't understand his own rules. ;P
<AlLnAtuRalX> None of the client assets are included there
<AlLnAtuRalX> In the wrapper
<liq3> Really?
<AlLnAtuRalX> You have to down them separately
<LG_Legacy> Are you guys saying the client are against the rules?
<trid|home> really
<AlLnAtuRalX> yes
<liq3> The client I dl'd included minecraft.jar.
<AlLnAtuRalX> Which is an unfortunate bypass
<AlLnAtuRalX> It's a legal loophole
<Pixel> LG_Legacy: He left the forums?!
<Pixel> /late
<AlLnAtuRalX> but they're still a******s for doing it
* LG_Legacy has changed the topic to: || Rolf is our savior! Play his videogame: || Happy getting married, Notch! || Offical Minecraft Forum server: || Drama Level: Defcon 2: WoM Edition
<liq3> AlLnAtuRalX: the client i dl'd had minecraft.jar in it.
<Pixel> Hahhaa
<Annihilator> lol\
<rcfighter> Rofl
<trid|home> we're really not a******s
<AlLnAtuRalX> Yes, you are.
<Eagle> Some of you are.
<Darkebrz> Pixel, can you shorten your name?
<AlLnAtuRalX> All a******s think they're great people
<Pixel> Of course
* Pixel is now known as PixelSith64
<yoshibot> quit d***ing around with the topic, it keeps annoying me when it pops up :<
<PixelSith64> I forgot
<PuyoDead> I'd argue otherwise, honestly. not ALL of you, but a healthy chunk
<PixelSith64> to change it
<PixelSith64> xD
<SMP> name the 'a******s'
<LG_Legacy> Thats your problem yoshibot :<
<LG_Legacy> Sowwy
<PixelSith64> H4X
<AlLnAtuRalX> I am an a******.
<PixelSith64> Peroggi
<PixelSith64> moujave
<Eagle> H4X Peroggi
<Annihilator> i love you yoshibot
<Eagle> moujave PIXEL
<PixelSith64> etc
* yoshibot (Administra@ has left #minecraft (Solved.)
<SMP> sigh
<Annihilator> f***
<trid|home> so the difference is the number of people on each side of the fence
<AlLnAtuRalX> At least I try to stand up for what I think is best for everyone else though
<trid|home> ?
<SMP> we cleared up the peroggi issue last week
<PixelSith64> bob_the_builder
<Eagle> STOP ninjaing me
<Eagle> :(
<SMP> and thats not a healthy chunk either
<AlLnAtuRalX> and I have a sh*tload of personal faults
<Annihilator> i guess he doesn't like me
<AlLnAtuRalX> But in this case, I'm clearly standing up for the community
<PixelSith64> etc
<Katnipz> I WANT A HUG :(
<Katnipz> flameing makes me sad
<Annihilator> it makes us all sad
<AlLnAtuRalX> The "greater good" if you will
<Darkebrz> You guys take this way to seriously! Just calm down!
<Eagle> Undead_Toaster or whatever his name is
* Daedal hugs Katnipz
<trid|home> I don't believe that removal of the wrapper will be better for everyone else though
<AlLnAtuRalX> you destroy more communities than you save.
<Katnipz> :)
<AlLnAtuRalX> trid|home, try it?
<AlLnAtuRalX> You owe me at least that
<AlLnAtuRalX> You owe us all at least that
<AlLnAtuRalX> Try it for a week or two
<Jat> i like the wom client :|
<trid|home> I owe you nothing?
<Jat> wrapper whatever
<PuyoDead> he obviously isn't going to
<AlLnAtuRalX> yeah, obviously not
<AlLnAtuRalX> Jat, did you not see griefing skyrocket on Reddit since that was released?
<Darkebrz> It doesn't matter. Everyone already has the WoM client.
<AlLnAtuRalX> Darkebrz, it's the gesture that counts
<Jat> not really
<trid|home> I *think* I have done far more good *FAR* more than bad
<AlLnAtuRalX> it's an apology
<Annihilator> i only respect those of who are on higher morality grounds, but noooooo
<AlLnAtuRalX> You're an idiot.
<LG_Legacy> I'm forced to use the client
<LG_Legacy> :l
<Jat> but it makes minecraft less annoying...
<PuyoDead> for us admins, yes
<Darkebrz> trid|home, nobody here *thinks* that you have done *FAR* more good than bad
<AlLnAtuRalX> Just because it looks that way from a WoM perspective
<AlLnAtuRalX> Yes, nobody does.l
<AlLnAtuRalX> Except him
<Darkebrz> Many of us think WoM hurt the community and many servers
* LG_Legacy must use the client/wrapper because it increases FPS
<trid|home> nobody here...
<AlLnAtuRalX> He has a very narrow perspective
<Animator> With great power comes great responsibility. What you, trid, are not aware of is that this is the internet.
<Darkebrz> (I'm sure all my servers were griefed with WoMs client)
<AlLnAtuRalX> (So were mine)
<Jat> i played for a really long time without the wom client and i just recently got it a few days ago because i was tired of the frustration and slowness of the original client
<AlLnAtuRalX> (hundreds of times)
<Liam> Just emailed Markus on the legality of this issue. We will know soon
<Liam> now drop it.
<AlLnAtuRalX> Liam, it's legal
<AlLnAtuRalX> It's not moral
<PuyoDead> soon? HAH
<AlLnAtuRalX> We all know it's legal, that's a nonissue
<geekahedron> the internet, home of memes, rumors, and unwarranted pandemonium
<trid|home> no, with great power comes great accountability
<Liam> Moral? Psht.
<LG_Legacy> Liam
<Animator> Bingo, geeahedron.
<trid|home> otherwise great anarchy
<Darkebrz> trid|
<LG_Legacy> The wrapper/client is legal and fine by itself.
<Darkebrz> ops
<AlLnAtuRalX> Right. And you are accountable for your actions trid|home
<LG_Legacy> Notch has said so himself.
<Annihilator> legal can go screw himself
<AlLnAtuRalX> SO just apologize. That's all we want you to do
<Liam> Orly? :o
<Annihilator> f*** tim langdell, f*** him
<LG_Legacy> Yes
<Jat> so until a few days ago i had used nothing but the official basic client
<AlLnAtuRalX> We understand. People make mistakes, but your refusal to say "I'm sorry, I see I hurt you all"
<Jat> all this time
<LG_Legacy> If i'm right i still got logs
<geekahedron> the internet, where a few loud morons get all the attention they don't deserve
<AlLnAtuRalX> Makes you a stubborn ass
<Annihilator> because you guys love to argue and it's a common thing in this place
<Liam> Has no one heard of /privmsg?
<LG_Legacy> Cause allnaturalx has nothing better to do than torment him.
<Animator> Correct again. It's impossible for you, trid, to have good intentions for this thing knowing that you just showed it to the entire internet.
<LG_Legacy> Apparently
<LG_Legacy> It's apart of Minecraft communitys
<Animator> The Lucifer effect is a bitch, isn't it?
<LG_Legacy> I'm all for that
<Annihilator> especially since we invited a group of unfriendly people into this community
<Eagle> The thing about /msg is that it's only one way
<geekahedron> wait, what thing?
<Katnipz> trud|home i will inbrace your hack with loveing arms if you get it so you can fly upsidedown with it :I
<AlLnAtuRalX> LG_Legacy, I do need to sleep
<Eagle> This is a group arguement
<LG_Legacy> But it's getting a little much.
<AlLnAtuRalX> Really f***ing badly
* charrr ( has joined #minecraft
<Annihilator> pfft facepunch
<trid|home> I'm sorry, i see you hurting, but there's other things we can do than devolve
<AlLnAtuRalX> LG_Legacy, you can leave if you want
<Liam> Then #minecraftarguement
<AlLnAtuRalX> nobody's forcing you to watch
<geekahedron> we're still going off on the hacks?
* charrr ( has left #minecraft
<LG_Legacy> Nah
<AlLnAtuRalX> trid|home, devolve?
<LG_Legacy> I have to stay here
<Liam> :o
<LG_Legacy> It's my duty as an op
<geekahedron> for crying out loud people
<AlLnAtuRalX> Do you even know what evolution is?
<liq3> PixelSith64l: you mean minecraft?
* dropshock ( has joined #minecraft
<Annihilator> welp, nothing's forcing you to listen
<Eagle> You guys scared charrr away
<Jat> :(
<Eagle> :(
<LG_Legacy> :(
<AlLnAtuRalX> Did you even read On the Origin of Species?
<Annihilator> :(
<Jat> youre tearing this family apart!
<AlLnAtuRalX> I bet you money you did not
<Animator> Legacy, you know what we need? We need a masskick.
<PuyoDead> devole? what?
<trid|home> keep moving forward, backwards is the wrong way
<AlLnAtuRalX> did you read anything by Malthus?
<PixelSith64> WE ARE FAMILY
<LG_Legacy> Thats possible?
<AlLnAtuRalX> I bet you money you did not.
<LG_Legacy> But nah
<TestDummy> Animator: I can arrange that.
<PixelSith64> WE ARE FAMILY
<LG_Legacy> I rather not.
<Katnipz> guys lets chrain sad faceis
<Katnipz> :(
<AlLnAtuRalX> So you have no idea what the evolution of the community is from your narrow view.
<trid|home> the problem here is that mincraft isn't evolving with the community
<Eagle> We need everybody to stop talking for a minute
<Liam> ON A SIDE NOTE: can anyone host this server for meeS?
<Jat> :(
<Katnipz> >:I
<Animator> Sometimes you have to go back in order to go forward, trid.
<Eagle> it's getting hard to read
<Katnipz> :(
<Katnipz> Rage
<TestDummy> How about a mass akill, for everybody?
* Annihilator raise fist
<PixelSith64> WE ARE FAMILY
<PuyoDead> sounds fun
<LG_Legacy> I think we're at it's end.
<liq3> PixelSith64: everyone except you is a chick?
<AlLnAtuRalX> TestDummy, do it. I won't be back though :P
<Annihilator> but only two of us?
* charrr ( has joined #minecraft
<geekahedron> these analogies are getting increasingly vague and useless by the second
<PixelSith64> :O
<PuyoDead> yea, we know
<PixelSith64> Sounds good liq
<TestDummy> I'd really, really rather not.
<Annihilator> damn, we aren't gonna last long
* Liam will be back in 10 minutes to see if it is quieter...
<Katnipz> im not a chick
<Katnipz> :I
<AlLnAtuRalX> Doesn't that breach the "covenant"
* Liam will be in #market if you cares...
<liq3> You are now.
<PixelSith64> Are you sure?
* Liam ( has left #minecraft
<PixelSith64> xD
<Katnipz> there are no girls on the internet
<liq3> There are now.
<Eagle> geekahedron: It's like if we brained a weasel with a banana, you know?
* Cial ( has joined #minecraft
<liq3> Apperently everyone except PixelSith64 is now female.
<AlLnAtuRalX> trid|home, I hope you realize you did far more harm to your image tonight than you repaired it
<AlLnAtuRalX> Now you seem to me to be an egotistic, uncaring ass rather than someone who made an honest mistake unaware of the consequencesa
<geekahedron> Eagle: exactly like that, but without the ice cream
<trid|home> i certainly hope not
<AlLnAtuRalX> Which I assumed you were before
* SMP has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
<Eagle> geekahedron of course
<Jat> i dont mean to sound like an a****** or anything... but please dont use the origin of species for the demonstration of anything but biological evolution... whenever people in history have tried to apply it to anything but biological evolution bad things happen
<Saer> hai
<geekahedron> I'm not sure what "mistake" is the topic of discussion here
<Katnipz> hai
<AlLnAtuRalX> Jat, haha Eugenics FTL.
<trid|home> i home i managed to carry out a civil discussion under very intensely hostile conditions
* DementedHog (dementedho@ has joined #minecraft
<Jat> lol
<liq3> TestDummy: /clear #minecraft USERS ? :D
<Animator> The WoM wrapper, Geekahedron.
<Saer> lol i learned about katnip today lol :P
<Eagle> Drama Level has lowered a bit.
<geekahedron> Animator: that's a "mistake"?
<AlLnAtuRalX> The fact that the WoM wrapper raped vanilla, public servers
<PuyoDead> you did, I'll give you that. your logic is hopeless, but you were civil
* LG_Legacy has changed the topic to: || Rolf is our savior! Play his videogame: || Happy getting married, Notch! || Offical Minecraft Forum server: || Drama Level: Defcon 3: Stress in a can
<liq3> WOOT. it's that part where the argument breaks down and explodes into flaming!
<Katnipz> haha
<geekahedron> eh, the WoM wrapper is just a reflavored CPColin client
<charrr> ok, I'm sorry
<liq3> only took like an hour. :P
<TestDummy> /msg ChanServ CLEAR #minecraft USERS
<TestDummy> Seriously.
<AlLnAtuRalX> geekahedron, nobody's defending the CPColin client
<PuyoDead> heh
<LG_Legacy> I got a better idea.
<AlLnAtuRalX> I'm a goon and I'm not defending that sh*t.
<geekahedron> I had CPColin's hacks sent to me before I even started *playing* minecraft
<Jat> if it werent for the wom wrapper i probably would hardly be playing minecraft anymore... the official client just felt more and more unbearably inflexible and limiting
<Katnipz> I EAT BABYS >:I
<geekahedron> it's not like it's ever been hard to find hacks
<AlLnAtuRalX> Finally! Someone who *likes* the WoM client
<liq3> test
<geekahedron> or to create hacks, for that matter
<AlLnAtuRalX> Against about 10 who do not
<Jat> wait what? i thought you were saying the wom client was bad natural
<AlLnAtuRalX> Clearly, the costs outweigh the benefits
<geekahedron> if anything, fault lies with notch for not caring about security from the right standpoints
<AlLnAtuRalX> Yes, it is terrible
<trid|home> AlLnAtuRalX: I'll give you this: If I could go back and do it all again, i would do it differently... not as differently as you would want me to but still.
<Jat> :|
<AlLnAtuRalX> It is a plague unleashed on public servers
<geekahedron> the game is what it is
<AlLnAtuRalX> trid|home, prove it.
<geekahedron> a sandbox, and experiment
<Jat> but it makes the game more enjoyable for those who dont grief
<trid|home> AlLnAtuRalX: No (again)
<AlLnAtuRalX> You can speak all you want trid|home.
<Animator> Woah, It's Europe in the 1600's.
<geekahedron> the "hack" client wrappers make a lot of things possible that would never have been
<AlLnAtuRalX> The difference between you and me is I have the balls to prove it.
<PuyoDead> ok, really naturally, you're just yelling at a wall at this point
<Jat> lol what animator?
<liq3> I'd like to interrupt this pointless internet argument with some extremely noticible text, to bring you a new game. FIND THE SPAM. You can find it here:
<Katnipz> trid can you remove the noclip from the hack atleast :[
<geekahedron> similarly the wom server made many things possible that would never have been
<PuyoDead> err, natural
* LG_Legacy sets mode +m #minecraft
<LG_Legacy> If you wanna change it, go for it puyo.
<PuyoDead> oh geez, thanks :/
<LG_Legacy> Still don't they need to cool down?
<PuyoDead> so yea, shut up and al lthat good stuff
<LG_Legacy> No really now, this has been going on for a while now. If you want to continue please take it to a PM. I'll unmute in five.
<PuyoDead> nothing is going to "change", obviously, just screaming at this point
<LG_Legacy> Indeed

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Some notable comments

<Animator> So if you got a beef with H4X, visit him in those aforementioned channels.
<AlLnAtuRalX> PuyoDead, I hope you told them to go f*** themselves
<Visiirii> tastey sides?
<AlLnAtuRalX> :D
<AlLnAtuRalX> In a civil fashion, of course
<PuyoDead> it was all very "we're all good people, we're sorry for everything, let's be friends"
<AlLnAtuRalX> something like
<Katnipz> dose minecraft have a normal IRC?
<AlLnAtuRalX> You know what I would have said?
<Super-Dot> Katnipz: I'm an admin because I was a member of and #tigIRC before #minecraft was created
<PuyoDead> well, there is one bit of very good news. Peroggi is gone
<AlLnAtuRalX> If you're sorry, show us and pull the hacks off your site
<AlLnAtuRalX> Then we'll know you're sorry
<Pixel> Peroggi is gone from where?
<AlLnAtuRalX> Until then, your words are empty and cheap
<Katnipz> kk
<Visiirii> ok I'm bored now
<AlLnAtuRalX> Just like everyone elses'

<trid|home> and yet if it's as clear cut as you say, why does notch still sit on the fence?
<AlLnAtuRalX> Because Notch never ran a server
<AlLnAtuRalX> Notch hasn't seen it first hand
<AlLnAtuRalX> he codes and sits in IRC making jokes
<AlLnAtuRalX> He doesn't spend 3 hours a day following griefers
<AlLnAtuRalX> he didn't do that for two months
<AlLnAtuRalX> He never has. And he doesn't care
<liq3> AlLnAtuRalX: you follow griefers? I just ban em on the spot.
<AlLnAtuRalX> as long as his cash is flowing, he's 100% set

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AlLnAtuRalX wrote: I would

AlLnAtuRalX wrote:
I would seriously want to beat that f***er up... it would be fun

Lawl, if only he knew... if only he knew...

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I dunno H4X. I mean he is a goon. :)

AlLnAtuRalX> And yes, I am a goon and have been for a long time if anyone cares
geekahedron> a .. goon?
H4X> urbandictionary: Goon
H4X> Someone hired to rough someone up, usually someone big and dumb who commits acts of violence for money.
AlLnAtuRalX> You know what I mean.


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oredds wrote:
I dunno H4X. I mean he is a goon. :)


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[Iguana] They banned me
[Iguana] Because I told them my plan
[Iguana] My super duper secret plan
[Iguana] During that argument
[Iguana] About me hooking up my server with WoM and getting mod there, banning everyone, and posting the code for server, EVERYWHERE


A server op who threatens to backstab, wheel and deal is an op I would totally trust. Just because he does that to one community, doesn't mean he'd do that to anyone else.



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Iguana clearly missed the fact that Moderator's can't ban. Also, we have him clearly threatening us and could have his ISP take actions if he showed further aggression.

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My IQ drops a little each

My IQ drops a little each time I read allnaturalx's posts. The guy just refuses to see another's point of view, or consider changing his own. He locks in then beats down the competitions voice by spamming the same thing over and over again. He also puts constant blame on WoM's hacks, when there are other hacks out there, and if there weren't, some would be made. That is almost a constant: if there is a game, there is a hack for it somewhere.

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At the end of the day...

At the end of the day... I feel sorry for Triddin, he has done nothing but the right thing for the Minecraft Community, I sit near him each day watching him work hard on WoM trying to make Minecraft a better place which in my honest opinion he has. There is no grief, awesome structures are being built, people are finally working together, spleef and lava arenas which are 100 times better than what can currently be built, newer games are being created daily because of the commands that are in WoM.

While at the same time people are using the "hacks" to make the game more easier for example: it doesnt take 5 mins to get to the otherside of the map, you can build high without having to build a tower under your feet, fly around and view peoples structures with ease, make structures which use to be near impossible or would take more the 2 days to build.

The point is AlLnAtuRalX is just pissed off that his server gets griefed and WoM doesn't but that doesn't give him the right to flame Triddin or H4X, they both deserve more respect than that, if AlLnAtuRalX was a civil person he would use PM or E-Mail but no he doesn't because he wants to get attention, swing his arms and yell hey guys I hate the hacks remove them because I'm an attention seeker and want to cause fights and problems in the minecraft community.

I think I speak for everyone on WoM when I say Triddin and H4X... I am sorry for the way that AlLnAtuRalX has treated you both, we've got your back! Keep up the great work guys!

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Three cheers

I second that.


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I think everyone kind of

I think everyone kind of missed the point.

Triddin needed to grow a pair and stop evading Natural's questions, and Natural needed to stop being a stubborn..err...yeah, and accept that Trid taking the hacks off wouldn't do a thing- anyone who downloaded the wrapper in the first place can re-upload it. If anything, it would make things worse, as WOM'ers strike back at other servers for taking away the hack downloads. I, for one, after watching a griefer many a time tear through my buildings with the WOM client as I watch, unable to do a thing, think that having hacks sucks. But I've downloaded them myself, and the principle is good- what if I want to build a sky-way and NOT fall off every other brick? :\. However, the coding was kinda bad (flying didn't work and speed stuck on continuously), and, well, if its out there, people will grief with it. In fact, here's a compiled list of quite a few suggestions from the official forums, that, well awesome, would be easily exploited by griefers:

Engines (My spaceship was dropped into lava? WAT?)

Craving symbols (carve peni- I mean mushrooms- on stone)

OMEN's image importer (Ooh, a giant pedobear. Wonderful)

Transparent skin parts (invisible griefers)

Fire (need I say more?)

Dynamite (ditto)

Growing trees from seed (a long task of removing all the seeds, but when done, devastating)

etc. etc.

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Here we go again!

"I, for one, after watching a griefer many a time tear through my buildings with the WOM client as I watch, unable to do a thing, think that having hacks sucks."

I've been on other servers, and griefers have taken down my builds without hacks. I wasn't able to do anything anyway, not being an op on those servers.

IMO, griefing with or without hacks is still griefing. If Notch were to code in an option for server ops to auto-turn off hacks, that would at least stop this nonsense. However, the griefers wouldn't be stopped.

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All in all, I'm just really sad I missed the live flamewar. I do feel sad for Natural, who can't seem to grasp that he has lost in a contest he started, and his "management" is far less efficient than that of the WoM servers.

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Yet another burst of brilliance from allnaturalx. I cant stand listning to theses debates(using that term loosely) I mean its not WoM's fault little kids feel the need to be pests.
The whole thing is getting out of hand Notch needs to get allnaturalx and Triddin together (making sure to search Natural carefully) and have a beer with them like Obama did with that black professor and the cop.(that was a joke live a little)
But ya its seriously is getting old.

Don't flame me for thinking please

Seems I'm not alone in being alone,A hundred billion castaways,Looking for a home ♪♪

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Got about halfway thru that chat log when I realized I had dead brain cells dripping out my right ear.