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We have a new version of our WoM Game Client with speed, flying and noclip hacks.

Version 3.0


The WoM Game Client allows you to perform special actions that aren't normally available in the web based client and doesn't require a browser to be loaded while you play.


AS PER THE MINECRAFT DISTRIBUTION POLICY: This package does not contain the original client code "minecraft.jar" which is copyright and the intellectual property of Mojang Specifications.
When you first launch the game, a confirmation dialog will appear asking if you want the client to automatically download this file for you if it does not already exist.
You may either accept the automatic download and proceed to play or quit, download the file yourself and place it in the lib folder.
We have also removed single player. Do not post in the forums about it or you will be banned.


We highly recommend the latest version of Java 6. Some people report issues with Java 7. You can check your version and whether you need to update by going to the following link and clicking "Verify Java Version"

Java Version Check


To start up the game, simply download the correct version of the application below, extract it, and then run the application.
The external client application will prompt you for your login details and then allow you to select from the available servers, or enter your own server link to connect.


When the client application completes loading you will be able to access the following special functions:
W A S D - Movement keys as normal.
Z - Press to toggle on/off fly mode.
X - Toggles no-clip mode while held down.
Q E - Up and down when in fly mode.
Shift - Turn on 5x speed while held down.
Ctrl - Turn on 2x speed while held down.
/ - Open up chat in command mode.
F2 - Toggle no-clip on/off.
When in chat mode type '/client' to see additional features
Noclip mode
Hold down the X key while moving/flying to go through solid objects or outside the normal map boundaries.
If you release the button while inside solid block or outside the map, you will get stuck. Simply hold down again to continue moving. Press F2 key to lock no clip on and off, so you can no-clip without holding a button.

Client mode
While in-game type /client and it will provide you with a list of commands that are available on ANY server.

The following is a screenshot of the menu in-game:
WoM Game Client Commands


Some common problems and solutions are outlined in the first comment below this article. Check it first to see if it has a solution for your problem. If you don't check this first, and try to get support, don't be surprised to find yourself ignored.

Any other issues you have should be directed to the Support Forum. Please don't PM me for support or I will ignore you, Thanks!

Debug - If your having issues, try debugging here.


for those that need extra help with installation!
Windows Game Client Tutorial
Mac OSX Game Client Tutorial
Linux Game Client Tutorial

The XWoM mod is no longer needed, WoM works fine standalone.


WoM Game Client v3.0 for Windows.
WoM Game Client v3.0 for OSX.
WoM Game Client v3.0 for Linux.