New site feature: Wiki!

Thanks to H4X and his bundle of awesome, the site now has a wiki! So go, check it out, contribute a little. There's lots of work to be done

- World of Minecraft Team.

Message to all client users:

Our current client version only works with 0.29_02, not .30 (The version Notch just released). All errors pertaining to a "java.lang.NullPointerException" message are probably because of this. We will push out an update if we can.

- World of Minecraft Team.

Farewell old friend!

This Monday, our dear friend oredds from New Zealand, has left World of Minecraft to go out into the country side. We remember him as a skilled arch, and a great exec. We wish you luck my friend, with any struggles which you may have.

Love always,

- World of Minecraft Team.

Five-Thousand Registered Users


World of Minecraft has reached 5000 registered users on this website! World of Minecraft's anti-grief servers have been running for almost three months now and, due to the dedication and hard work of our members, have been kept busy the whole time.

The World of Minecraft staff would like to thank all the members of this great community and we hope to reach another great landmark such as this in the near future with the help of all World of Minecraft members!

Thanks again,

World of Minecraft Staff

Minecraft Update

UPDATE: New version available in the downloads section!

Well as promised by Notch himself, a new minecraft update was released stopping all hacks from being used.

You can still use the World of Minecraft client to play minecraft which most people choose to do as it's a much better platform to play on instead of using your internet browser.

Most World of Minecraft clients will automatically download the new minecraft.jar update resulting in the hacks stopping but allowing the new blocks to be used.

All members will be informed of any new developments as soon as they are released, if you are not a member we recommend you sign up to receive the latest notifications.