Yet Another Build Contest!

We're going to be holding another build contest starting on October 24th.

This competition is for people with the ranks of member, veteran, builder, designer, moderator, and operator.


* The theme of the contest is Halloween! Be sure to build with this theme.
* You will get A SINGLE FILL(includes pyramid and esolid/sphere) from an architect+.
* Hacks are allowed.

Email Issues

It was brought to my attention verification emails were not being sent out and this has affected ~70 members.

This issue has been resolved and all mail that was sitting on the server have been finally sent out, sorry for the delay.

I have noticed accounts are starting to get activated so it looks like everyone is receiving their long lost mail with no drama's however if you are still experiencing an issue, let me know here (no login required).

SMP's Land of Love

We have a new server up! WoM: SMP's Land of Love [antigrief] !

Same rules apply as with any other server of ours. No griefing, No cursing, No trolling, etc.

But unlike our other servers, in SMP land, you must build in theme! (This map's theme is halloween!)

So come on in, and build us something spooky!

Minecraft Custom Client Wrapper 1.4

We have a new version of our wrapper out which has the same old features: fly, speed, noclip, mapdump etc.

However due to popular demand we have remodeled it with easy to use buttons to perform: Switch server, Reload server, Screenshot and Mapdump.

Minecraft Custom Client Wrapper Download

Also check out No Fog Hack and Stay Focus Hack.

Don't forget to say thanks to triddin for all his hard work and feel free to donate to us to help with server costs!

Changes to Moderator Applications

New System for the Choosing of Moderators

After looking into the Moderator Applications, the Owners and Executives find that hand selecting builders who are helpful to the community produce superior Moderators than having to run through the process of applying. This was noticed when Moderators lacked the maturity and responsibility to handle their position of power. We also realized that our most effective staff was our Architects, whom we pick now via their actions in-game.