World of Minecraft Spleef Arena

Hey guys, we have a dedicated World of Minecraft Spleef Arena server now up with auto-rebuild!

At the end of each match you can just type /new which will rebuild the arena and give you a 5 second count down for the game to begin.

The new spleef server also has teams support, you can type /team red or blue, green, yellow, cyan, magenta or white. To change your name plate color and play team spleef.

Spleef Arena (autobuild) [World of Minecraft]


World of Minecraft Museum

As most of you know, we have slapped a new map on the World of Minecraft server and as requested by most of the community we now present World of Minecraft - Museum [World of Minecraft]

We have placed up the all great original map on the Museum server to showcase your hard work!

The server is readonly, so no need to worry about it changing.

Applications Reset

All World of Minecraft Applications have been reset due to the new format.

Member Applications have been discontinued. All you need to do is sign up on this site and let server staff know that you are now a member.

We are now taking Applications again, thanks everyone.

New World of Minecraft Server Live

New Server is now official and live.

The old server will be setup in archive mode where you can view the map, run around but won't have the ability to edit content.

Click here to launch World of Minecraft (Version 2: "Riverside")

New rules and applications settings coming soon too.

- World of Minecraft Team.

World of Minecraft Server Map Expanded!

Due to all you busy workers going crazy we have had to expand the map, but don't worry! All of your work is still there!

So jump on and check out the new setup.