Build Off Winners announced!!

I just want to say a big THANK YOU! to everyone who participated in the latest contest: The Arena Build Off!
I'm here to announce our 3 winners in each category:


1. PvP/Combat Arena.

2. Spleef Arena.

3. CTF Arena.

Everyone who participated did an exceptional job in their builds and we saw some really interesting and neat concepts that we hope will inspire in later contests and builds. It was a tough choice between some and there were some major heated debates on which piece of dirt looked better than the other, but we FINALLY have narrowed it down. I will now congratulate our winners and show them off to the world as my slaves!! Mueheheheh...heh.....heh. Okay fine. You aren't all going to be my slaves...not yet....but one day, you shall.


We have:


We have:



And for the CTF ARENA winner!!!
We have:

(Jak2131, Liquid_Lightning, darkfoxdie)


(Note: This arena is more of a "Base Capture" than a Flag Capture, but we feel it still fits under the same category)

AGAIN! I would like to congratulate all of our winners and send out a big kudos and thank you to all the other participants in this build off contest. Better luck next time to you all and we hope you continue to give it your best when it comes to the competitions. 

Each one of these winning builds will be featured in our HUB Game world for you guys to play and enjoy!!


~Miku and the rest of the Staff team
(Except Jupiter. Nobody likes Jupiter).

Update Time! (1.6.2)

Howdy All!

As soon as 1.6.2 is released, I'll be working on updating our entire server network to 1.6.2. During this time the World of Minecraft network will be unavailable to all players

Watch this space for updates and more information


Build Off Has Begun!

The Arena Build Off has Begun!

Go to CMP, type /comp, grab your Wooden spade, claim some land and get building!


  • Up too 4 people may work on 1 entry
  • You may not work on more then 1 Entry or you will be disqualified
  • Be mindful of the other builders around you when claiming a plot
  • No Trash talking
  • No Spam
  • No Abuse of Redstone / Mob Spawning - Anyone caught will be Banned and Withdrawn from the Build Off

Please include the names of your team members (If you have any) on signs on your claim. We expect every team member to contribute to the build, no one is getting a ride down easy street.


Additional Information

iIf you need flat land to work with, any staff member will be more then happy to flatten out an arena for you (within reason)

Please make sure you read this post to find out what game types are you can build for. Have a game type in mind that isn't on the list, feel free to PM MrSnowGlobe to see if we can accommodate your idea.

Feel free to leave questions and we will answer them to the best of our ability!

Happy Building and Good Luck!

An Arena World... For Players, By Players

Here at World of Minecraft we take great pleasure in looking for ways to keep things "interesting"
The most requested feature we get on World of Minecraft is Arenas. Well we are happy to finally oblige... 
We're happy to announce the next CMP competition...

The Arena Build Off
Design an arena for any of the following:
  • Spleef
  • Capture the flag
  • Mob Arena
  • PVP 

Teams of up to 4 Players may work on one entry.

There are no Theme or Size restrictions for these Entries, let your imaginations run wild!

We're looking for creativity as well as functionality for these arenas!

More Details

Once the Build Off has come to a close, Stand out builds will be picked and then its up to the community to Vote on who the winner is!

The Arenas will be playable in Hub World for the Voting Process so that every arena is shown in its final form, it isn't just about the looks, also about how it plays!

The Build Off will open this Saturday and will run until the first Weekend of July. 

And the Winner is...

Well this first comp sure showed off some fine building talent! We have narrowed it down to the top five placing so without further adieu... the results!

In First Place we have Levian3000!

In Second Place we have Takous

In Third Place we have jak2131


In Fourth Place we have Mystryx

In Fifth Place we have Jaspertje1