World of Minecraft Fantasy Competition

Comp has now Ended! Thank you to all who Participated!

Results will be in by next Saturday! Stay Tuned!


A Short Update!

Howdy All!

Just a quick update on the servers!



In its current form, PvP has been doing very well in the testing phase, with a few minor issues that should be cleaned up shortly. Simple Clans seems to be playing up at the time of this post, should be fixed within the next day


Has undergone quite a few changes since we first flicked the switch. It has Dynmap installed, which you can find at Remember, to gain access to that you need to type /web while in CMP. 

Like always, I welcome all feedback, good and bad. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

That's all for now!


World of Minecraft Servers - In Progress

That's right folks we can now Officially announce that our brand spanking new servers are now open for public use but we need your help!

Everything is still in progress so instead of us holding back everything for us to test internally, we thought it would be a great idea to let you guys help us out!

So, how do you help us out you ask? Well, its simple! Just post in this thread any issues you encounter. Be sure to explain briefly what the issue is and what server it is on.

At this point in time, PvP Is available. CMP is just around the corner, we promise!

That's all for now folks! Great things to come just around the corner, thanks for sticking with us! 

Now Playing: The SMP Chest Hunt

EDIT: Chest's will now have actual Item's and coupon books will be for Animal spawns and other creative items such as repairs. if you come across a chest, feel free to leave something behind. Also, chest will be labeled so you know it is a prize chest and not someones that you are griefing.

Basically, on the SMP map there will be random chests placed by me and Yenwood, and any other staffer that thinks a reward needs to be added.

When at spawn, in the Northeast corner you will see this board.

A Brave New World.... Take 2

Well guys, I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that we are back in business. We have started a fresh with all servers! SMP is back right now with PvP and CMP to follow in the next day or so! (Server is also 1.5.1)

The bad news we will not be restoring userdata and maps, we are starting fresh (see post below this on front page for more details). Time to look forward to a fresh and faster World of Minecraft! -H4X

In light of recent events, we are pushing to bring a lot of awesome new features online as quick as possible!

If you have any feedback or complaints please feel free to comment in this thread or message me.

Lunick Edit: This is also a chance for (almost) everyone who has been banned to be able to join SMP again and try and redeem themselves.