The Nexus Opens

The Nexus Opens (in Beta)

Have you ever wanted your own world? Have you ever wanted to boss staff members or users around? Yeah, well too bad. Except for the part where you get your own world!

Thanks to the efforts of MrSnowGlobe and Spudsrus, World of Minecraft: Realms is making a revival- erm, rising from the ashes. You know how when a phoenix dies it does that cool thing where it rises from its own ashes and is reborn. Yeah, that's Nexus.

What you get for the low, low price of walking all the way to the Nexus portal in Lobby: (we know it's hard, but it's worth it. Trust me.)


  • Your own World.
  • The ability to control your own world. Allow people to build in your Nexus World.
  • The ability to shape your world. Ever wanted to use WorldEdit in World of Minecraft? Well, now you can. Just don't put in 200k dirt blocks at a time.ᴵ'ᵐ ᶫᵒᵒᵏᶦᶰᵍ ᵃᵗ ʸᵒᵘ ᵀᵉʳʳᵃ
  • Your own chat for your own world. Each world will have its own chatroom.
  • The ability to be a god. Well, sorta. You get to control time and place blocks at will. God-like, I think?

Forget about Realms, the Nexus is opening. Are you ready?

World of Minecraft SMP Issues (updated)

Updated - SMP is now back online!

Thanks for your understanding!

We regret to inform you guys that during the scheduled downtime, we discovered a big error in our block logging database. A lot of time was spent trying to resolve the issue but with little luck.

We will continue to work on it but at this time we can give no ETA on when SMP will be online.

We are choosing to leave SMP offline to ensure no data loss and/or corruption occurs.

World of Minecraft Newsletter! Issue #6

Yay it's the weekend again everyone!


Hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day :D

This week we say goodbye to an old World of Minecraft member and friend who has designed some awesome builds for this server: Lockpick42. Lock is aiming to focus on finishing school and getting a good career set for him. We will miss his participation in World of Minecraft and wish the best of luck in his endeavors!

For the time being, /warp ruins will remain active for other players since it was intended as a public warp. Remember that grief will NOT be tolerated



  • Ever since free eggs have been available near market, there have been quite a few chickens running around spawn. Please keep "egging" to a minimum. Thank you.


  • There are a lot of players who are keeping large numbers of mobs (cows, chickens, etc) around spawn and some of it causes lag for other players. If possible, breed and build up what you need when you are online and then keep your total mob count to a minimum afterward.

Hub server re-released!

Hey guys,

Today, we unveiled the brand-new World of Minecraft Hub server! The World of Minecraft staff have put in a fair bit of effort for this, so we hope you enjoy it! There are a few things on the server at the moment, including:

  • Spleef
  • CTF (Capture the flag)
  • Mob arena
  • PvP duel arena
  • Connect 4
  • And more to come!

These arenas are not all that will be released, but they're what we have working at the moment. Let's have a brief look at them in a bit more detail...


Issues and Glitches!


Yesterday we suffered a big technical issue which caused some data to be corrupt. 

While not all users were affected and most of these issues are being cleaned up as they're being raised, we don't know about every single issue in the server and can't track it all!

So please, post here if you have a problem or have found a network issue!