PSA: Bukkit Discontinued [Updated]

As some of you may already know, bukkits development has come to a close... full post here

What does this mean for World of Minecraft?

Well, we don't actually use bukkit directly but a fork of bukkit called: Spigot

Spigot still relied on bukkit's core updates, it is entirely possible for spigot to be independent however, a lot is unknown at this time.

While the future of modded minecraft is not clear, we will continue to support the World of Minecraft Network.

We will update this post as more information comes to light.

Update 1: Lead Spigot Developer and Owner md_5 has just made a tweet confirming support for 1.8

Update 2: Jeb has responded to bukkit being discontinued

Update 3: Dinnerbone just made a tweet pledged support for bukkit 1.8

Update 4: Jeb responds some more and says that it is not a joke

Update 5: Grum confirms Mojang having ownership of Bukkit's Github repository

NEXUS - Now in Closed Testing!

Edit: NEXUS testing is now offline

Hello Community!

As some of you may know, we have been working on a little server we like to call NEXUS.

To bring you up to speed: we annouced it a few months back and posted a development update 2 months ago.

Now we are ready to share the latest!

Since the last update, Spud and Myself have re-written a lot of our already re-written code... and then we re-wrote it again... (development is hard) Don't worry! These rewrites allowed us to really improve on world size and how responsive the server feels.

NEXUS is now in a really nice state which is why we are going to start letting testers in!

The goal of the testing is to make sure the server is stable, usable and for us to get a rough idea how many players NEXUS can support at once!

If you are interested in helping test nexus, please show let us know in the comments!

Testers who have been selected will receive a PM on this website so keep an eye out!

NEXUS Details


  • Your own World (Size: 300x300x256)
  • Basic world edit access (More commands will be added as testing progresses)
  • Control over who can build in your world
  • Ranks (Coming Soon)
  • Voxel Sniper Support (Coming Soon)

As testing progress, we will post change logs and feature descriptions as they get finalized!

NEXUS isn't the only thing going behind the scenes at the moment... stay tuned!

Server Issues [Important] [Resolved]

All issues have been resolved.

As some of you may or may not know, the World of Minecraft network has been plagued with connection issues for the past few days. 

This has been been caused by a few minor issues with the datacenter but mainly because one of our hard drives has failed but don't worry! We used a Raid 1 setup so the data is safe! 

We are waiting on the broken hard drive to be swapped out with a new one by our providers.

The ETA is 24 hours but it could happen anytime between now and then. 

Hard drive has been replaced and rebuilt. SMP services will still be unavailable for a short period, see H4X post below.

We are live! All servers are up. Enjoy!

NEXUS Development Update

Howdy Community!

It's been a while, how have you been?

Just a quick update for you all on NEXUS

As most of you know, we announced NEXUS a little while ago and were gearing up to launch it... and then Mojang announced name changes and UUID's to come into effect.

These changes would've made NEXUS quite flawed. Spud and myself made the choice to port it to the new UUID system rather then release it and have to make the port later on. This also has given us a lot more time to flush it clean of all the bugs we can find.

PSA: Heartbleed

To put this quick there was an issue with an update that effected 2/3 of Minecraft players, so Mojang is asking that everyone change there password with their login and their Mojang accounts.

Orginal post:

Unlike many other communities, World of Minecraft Network was never affected by the heartbleed bug.