Build Move Request System Update

Hi everyone,

Due to the amount of interest/usage of the build move request system, I have punched out some updates for both the Player interface and the Staff (backend).

It seems quite a lot of people messed up their request and want to change things... so you may now edit your request while it is still 'in queue'!

Progress and staff updates will start showing up in your queue statuses aswell.

The rest of the updates only concern staff, so I won't bore you with that, now get back to digging.


1.7 Update!

Hey all!


So you guys may have heard that 1.7 ("The Update that Changed the World") was released today. (If you haven't, suprise!) World of Minecraft cannot update immediately, as we have to wait for our server software and plugins to update to 1.7. For most of you, Minecraft will automatically update to 1.7, but to play on World of Minecraft, you have to be in 1.6.4. This poorly drawn image will show you how to downgrade:


Mojang pulled a fast one! (Update: Servers are Back!)

So... this is awkward.

I updated the World of Minecraft network to 1.6.3 and now Mojang released 1.6.4... what does this mean?

Well it means I need to wait for the server software to update to 1.6.4 so I can push it out to the rest of the World of Minecraft network.

In the meantime, the servers will not be playable until we get this update. 

My best guess is within 24 hours the Network will be accessible again!

Now we play the waiting game...

Update: Servers are back, see you in-game!

Competition 24! (Updated With Pictures)

Its time for our new competition! This competition will be affilated with; minebook!

The theme for the competition is a server spawn theme! (credits to liquid_lightning)

To participate in the competition;

  1. Make sure you're white-listed here; 
  2. Join the server!
  3. Go through the portal to the comp world.
  4. To get your plot and start building, run "/claim"!
  5. Start building in the plot that you're teleported to!

All plots will automatically close on September 13th at 11:59 AM!


1ST PLACE Winner: Captain_Goal will recieve - Diamond Warrior + A 3D PRINTING OF YOUR BUILDING MAILED TO YOU + A Beacon Block on Smp + Diamond Horse Armor + Full set of Protection 4 Enchanted Diamond Armor and Sharpness 5, Fire Aspect 2 Diamond Sword

2ND PLACE Winner: Levian3000 will recieve - Gold Warrior + Gold Horse Armor + Full set of Protection 3 Enchanted Gold Armor and Sharpness 4, Fire Aspect 1 Gold Sword

3RD PLACE Winner: Dverbi will recieve - Iron Warrior + Iron Horse Armor + Full set of Protection 2 Enchanted Iron Armor and Shaprness 3 Iron Sword

4TH PLACE Winner: Noweedeh will recieve - Chain Warrior + Protection 1, Respiration 3 Enchanted Chain Helmet + $25,000 in SMP Money

5TH PLACE Winner: JunkWorld will recieve - Leather Warrior + Full set of Protection 1 Leather Armor Dyed to Any color you choose + $15,000 in SMP Money

All ranks are promotions on the official minebook website!

~CMP Contest~




     | Winners |

1st Place goes to GorakkHowk!


2nd Place goes to Jupiter_Ginger!


3rd Place goes to Nobody!

Since they were the only 2 to compete, the 3rd place prize goes automatically to Yenwood...Even though I hate that proposal, it must be, since a bet was made....


I would say, "Thanks to all you who competed", but since nobody cared to build something and I don't really feel like saying that to Jup or Yennwood for that matter, I'll say it to you GorakkHowk.

Thanks for competing you lone fish! I hope you enjoy your $50!