StayFocus Hack - Updated

Using the WoM Client on linux can be frustrating sometimes due to the odd mouse behaviour. We did have a fix for it as most of you know, but Notch's latest update has broken that.

Well I have found a way to fix it once again and I have updated the StayFocus page with the new details.

(Works on windows too for those that like this function)


Presenting: The very overdue: Contest 2 winners!

After strenuous hours of reviewing, our grade A judges have finally come up with the winner for build contest 2.

And the winners are..

  1. dragonfire2x winning a solid 5/5 stars!
  2. A tie! Between cheezychicken and MC_Crinkle both getting 2.1/5 stars!
  3. nasupata achieving 1.9/5 stars!

To all of those who didn't place, don't fret! There will always be more contests!

WoM: Donators Island

As a thank you to the people who have donated funds towards hosting costs and the higher staff who have donated time helping out with the community, we have fired up Donators Island!

Donators Island is a place where Donators+Executives+Owners can build only.

  1. Map rotations will be extremely rare, meaning your work stays around on display for a long time!
  2. Essential commands unlocked (/fill etc)
  3. Real water
  4. No guest area
  5. No sprites

If you would like to donate, click the button below.
We are grateful for donations of any size as all proceeds go to hosting costs and future development.

World of Minecraft Client Wrapper Update

9 votes

The wrapper is now updated to be compatible with minecraft version 0.30. Enjoy!

WoM: Freestyle [unlimited]

6 votes

For a limited time, we're running a no holds barred server known as WoM: Freestyle [unlimited].

This server has no rules, no moderation, no ranks, no restrictions and full access to all architect level building commands.

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