Changes to Moderator Applications

New System for the Choosing of Moderators

After looking into the Moderator Applications, the Owners and Executives find that hand selecting builders who are helpful to the community produce superior Moderators than having to run through the process of applying. This was noticed when Moderators lacked the maturity and responsibility to handle their position of power. We also realized that our most effective staff was our Architects, whom we pick now via their actions in-game.

To the WoM Staff and Community

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Since the start of WoM, we've had staff. It started with a couple people, then grew into something big. We are one of the, if not THE largest Minecraft community website and servers. Now, you are probably wondering WHY I am exactly writing this blog post. The answer is simple. I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has helped or been a part of WoM at one time or another. You've made it possible for us to grow to this size.

I'd also like to say a HUGE thanks to all of these people:

World of Minecraft Community Map Contest

We are in need of MAPS for the World of Minecraft server, so we have decided to hold a contest.

* Map size must be 640x640x96
* Map should have a general theme.

* You must submit your completed entry by October 7, 2009.

* Your map will be featured on the World of Minecraft server.
* You will receive an award on your /status


The following maps were the entries:

World Of Minecraft Spleef Tournament!

By popular demand, we are going to hold a spleef tournament!


For everyone:
* You must sign up by posting under this news piece
* No hacks (fly, noclip, etc.)
* No respawning
* No building on the arena at any time
* If players cannot reach eachother, a referee will build a bridge
* If you are not there at the start of your match, you are disqualified
* Matches will be randomly set up in a bracket system. You must face who you are matched up with. Down.

We are being inundated with questions why is down.

Apparently notch forgot to pay for the server before he flew out to Indonesia and so the people at his hosting facility cut the power to the servers and are threatening to delete them.

Notch has said that he will pay for the host when he gets back on Saturday, but till then there's no

We have a Temporary Access page which will allow you to play the game while is down. This page allows you to play on all of the WoM servers with the same hacks as the WoM Client Wrapper had. is now back up and everything has returned to normal. Peace on earth, the rapture is back on, zombie threat evaded

-WoM Team

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