World of Minecraft Build Contest!

That's right, we're having our first build contest!

This contest is for people of the rank member, builder, designer and moderator. (arch+ excluded)



  • You will get A SINGLE FILL(includes pyramid and esolid/sphere) from an architect+.
  • Hacks are allowed.
  • You can post here in order to be in the contest, or simply ask for an allocation when the competition starts.
  • IF you are making sprites, and they are able to fit vertically, please do so.

Property assignment

6 votes

World of Minecraft introduces a new feature, "Property Assignment" which allows a moderator to protect your building from being edited by any but those you grant permissions to.

New island map put up!

You crazy builders filled up the canyon map so fast we had to put up a new one!

The new theme of the map is an island. The canyon map can still be accessed from:
World of Minecraft (old) [WoM].

Island map: World of Minecraft [WoM].

WoM Team

New map now online!

This week we held a vote to see which themed map we should run this week, after 118 votes and a 29% win the theme for this week is Canyon!

Vote Results!

Map is now live on World of Minecraft [WoM]

WoM Team

Desert Themed Map now online!

Once again we have done our ceremonial change of the map.

This weeks theme (due to popular demand) is The Desert

Map is now live on World of Minecraft [WoM]

WoM Team

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