Issues and Glitches!

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Yesterday we suffered a big technical issue which caused some data to be corrupt. 

While not all users were affected and most of these issues are being cleaned up as they're being raised, we don't know about every single issue in the server and can't track it all!

So please, post here if you have a problem or have found a network issue!

Happy New Year!

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Wishing all minecraters a happy new year for 2014!

2013 was a pretty awesome year and it can only get better. Cheers to all our fantasic staff for doing a great job keeping the community running and always looking for the next fun and exciting things to add for our members.

Thanks also to helpers, contributors and players for continuing to enjoy World of Minecraft since 2009!


New SMP Chat Channels

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Hey folks,

SMP Chat has been getting a little spammy lately with everyone all being on,
For that reason we're providing the option to separate your chat into 4 chat channels.

Please be aware that all the standard chat rules apply and you will still see the main chat, just not talk in it.

Staff will still be moderating these channels.

Additionally we're working on the /ignore command issue, unfortunately it's a little more complicated than just providing permission for it. While we're working on this please be understanding with people joining and talking in the channel we're using.

Now, down to how it works.

There are 4 additional channels, they're on SMP only and do not pass between the servers.

The channels are Red, Green, Blue and Yellow.

To join a channel type use /<channelname>

So to join red type /red

You will still see the main chat but your chat messages will be within the channel you have joined.

If you need to talk back to the main channel (Say a new user joins and you'd like to welcome them) you can prefix your message with a ! this will talk back at the main channel.
for example: "! Welcome to wom" will say "Welcome to wom" into the main chat no matter what channel you're in.

To leave a channel and rejoin main chat type /link

And finally you will always default back to link when you join the server.

WoM: 1.7 is here!

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Ladies, Gentlemen and Jupiter...

I'm pleased to announce that the 1.7 Network is finally here!

The server is currently only open for those who want to opt in for early access. You can do so be entering /earlyaccess in the lobby.

Details on our new Market Place are Here!

Details on the Build/Item Moves are Here!

Build moves can be Submitted Here!

Our full Change Log is coming soon(tm)!

Please bear with us in this early access phase as there could still be a few little issues in the system. We hope to have the worked out ASAP.

For those who still want to access the old SMP, you can find it on (Don't forget, you need to be playing the 1.6.4 version to access old SMP)

*Note that people who opt into early access can not back out once it's done. By opting into early access you are agreeing that you are not entitled to a build move.*

New 1.7 Market System!

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Now that our 1.7 server is finally here, it's time for us to introduce our brand new global market system! This new system will hopefully make finding things you're looking to buy much easier, along with allowing sellers to reach more potential costumers! Read More to find out how it works!

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